Christ’s Commission | – Beware of What You Think – Peter Tan-Chi – Truth Matters Snippets

Most of the time, the battle is in your mind. You are a product of the way that you think, so take every thought captive. The moment you start to believe the lies of the devil or untruths about God, it will immediately show in your actions. #TruthMatters

This video is a portion of last Sunday’s message entitled, “Experience the Power of God’s Spirit”

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  1. Being honest about what is thought is neccesary too though. If it causes me to sin yes I need to hold it captive.. say no more you have no rights in my life. There is power though in being honest and confessing what I think or feel not just for myself but others. It's when people are too scared to think something.. that it can DO damage to self and others. Everyone will sit around thinking I'm the only person who could think such horrid things. Umm nope. It's really not true. Honesty may cause fear in the hearts of some but in others it's a thank God I can be honest.. which gives a freedom.

    You thought what? A lustful thought about someone? That's why your stressing?? Your thinking your hell bound over that? Well umm no offense but where's the hope for those who have committed physical sins? If a single thought is sending you to hell.. the rest of us are screwed.. it's normal. Don't stress.. accept your human.. do you know what I think about sometimes??

  2. Lord God sorry. Yesterday i had a bad day. I felt i was bullied in work and i cried a lot when i got home and i even judge God that he doesnt Love me instead he love those who bullied me. I feel depress because i am not doing anything to them and they kept teasing me that im lazy, im thrifty,they kept on talking behind my back. Yesterday i curse them ,because i cant take it anymore. I am so mad that i kept on crying for 3 hrs. Its really true when you are depress. Evil will comes to your mind.

  3. A week ago, I was very okay. Read the Bible daily, prayed, etc. Then all of a sudden, I told GOD He hates me. He had forgotten about me. He doesn't care about me. He is punishing me for all of my sins…. This preaching is very timely. Thank you! I was attacked. When troubles came, I felt like GOD had deliberately forgotten about me. This battle is hard. My brain is so busy thinking ungodly thoughts. Can you pray for me?