Christ’s Commission | – How Do You Distinguish a Job from a Calling? – Ravi Zacharias – Sunday Fast Track

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  1. I believe that the Lord is calling me into academic philosophy as a platform for Christ. Has anyone else received this calling and pursued it, and what are some tips or suggestions that may aid in the process?

  2. Thanks for this short and powerful message. He is so filled with knowledge and deep in his answers. He is definitely anointed. I only heard about him after his death. He will continue to impact many lives until Jesus Christ comes again. Praise God for this strong man of God.

  3. At 19 I got born again. I feel like Moses, had wandered in the wilderness for another 19 years. Today, 38, and pressing into God asking Him what is Your will for me? 1Corinthians 2:9 is so heavy on my heart. I have a will and plans, but He who has made me does also? And I have no clue what it is but he wants to share it with me? That drives me. My impatience for knowing what it is keeps me humble and in prayer and scripture reading.
    Thank you for this video. I took some great notes I will be reflecting on

  4. Learnt alot from this short message. Dr Ravi, you will be missed dearly. Thank you CCF.
    I don't understand the the last point about "gifting has to be in keeping with what you are doing". Can someone please explain or elaborate it, thank you (:

  5. you could re-upload this without the music, or tone it down. I mean it's the internet; people will keep finding this years down the road. It's not edifying to have this. (183k views as of 16 June 2020)

  6. Everything A good until that last message. Sounds really worldly rather than biblical. Push, pull, oppotunities and people, they can all be out of line with "Seeking God's Kingdom and righteousness first".
    Big fan and inspired by all the points mentioned except that last, and perhaps most relavant one to young generations.