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For one reason or another, there’s always going to be someone that we don’t like. The world will tell us to steer away from these people, but Jesus teaches us to be radically different when He tells us to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44). So how do we deal with the people we don’t like? Pray for them. As you pray for them, you will find it more difficult to hate them, and it will teach you to commit to seeking their highest good.

This video is a portion of last Sunday’s message entitled, “Be Truly Christlike: Go The Extra Mile”.

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  1. Tama ka @Jean Smith. But true healing comes from total forgiveness and lifting to God the justice in His hands. Si Lord na ang bahala sa mga nanakit sa atin. Hindi conditional ang love. Otherwise, hindi yan totoong love na galing kay Lord. If we ourselves were forgiven, why can't we do the same to others?
    Syempre, hindi madali pero I tried and tried to extend forgiveness. The love I can give is the forgiveness despite so much hurt. It is never meant to be easy but God is the strength of our hearts. Cling to Him and He will never fail to restore your life and spirit once more.

  2. Pray for those who persecute you.. yet I was come against for being willing to listen to another by those I had shown grace to and who have not been honest about their own part in things. It was manipulated to me at the beginning .. if she is your enemy you should bless her.. it was actual manipulation… That's hard to just forgive and forget. The enemy too knows the scriptures and how to twist them to benefit others or self. They come against you and then use your very faith to benefit themselves. This is my biggest issue with the Muslims. They were doing these kind of things. Coming into nations and using our freedoms to take over and to silence us from speaking out and saying no I don't like your belief and I don't agree with it. Then claiming persecution. There is wisdom needed in the circumstances.

  3. I always find it easy to pray for my enemies. I usually have enemies because they have been unkind or nasty to me or someone I love. I pray that they repent from their sins, and I ask God if they don't repent that God will punish them, because God chastens those He loves 🙂

  4. I love those who has hurt me…cos they taught me to seek gods love n not theirs…every time I get hurt by people which means those people are giving me an access to god…thank u my enemies…