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Objective faith is not in our feelings, it is not in the words of men, it is in God Himself, His work and His promises. So hang in there and hang on to God, even when it hurts. #ExtraOrdinary

This video is a portion of last Sunday’s message entitled, “Learn From Job: Endure”.

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  1. One of my uncles, who "happens to be" my godfather as well, lost his only daughter, when she was only 14 y.o. he then used to ask the priest, why he should believe in the God, that takes away the one person that he loves the most. The pastor only said, that he gets his grief or he cannot relate to it. I am not sure, it was just a very simple correspondence. My uncle still is a faithful man. I am crying, because i receive many graces, when i expect judgement. And i now think, that what the pastor said was, that my uncle's-daughter's spirit lives on in those, who commemorate her.

  2. Faced same situation in my life when i delivered a stillborn baby boy at almost fullterm, even though both baby and I were healthy throughout the pregnancy. Had to humble myself and set aside my logic and questionings and simply trust him and allow him to comfort me. All Praise to God, got blessed with girl boy twins later on!

  3. Don't worry our precious brother's, I am not hurt. But my older grandson hurt to take a poop and sometimes pass out , he is pain but he likes to give on eating chocolate. I say why pain but still like to eat chocolate, he said nevermind grandma plenty mommy and daddy.

  4. Brother your message has given me the strength to carryon inspite of my struggles..ur suffering was much greater than mine if u cud praise god inspite of that I definately will..Thankyou Jesus for talking to me through this precious brother

  5. Came here to hear some message from the Lord because it’s been 10 months and I still don’t understand why everything needs to happen in my life. Losing someone is not easy to forget with all the pain, sorrow and grief. I keep on praying to the Lord to find rest but somehow it keeps coming back to me. I’m still a baby Christian and I’m afraid I’ll lose my faith on Him and eventually turn away from Him.