Christ’s Commission | – Perspective: How Do You Respond to Insults? – Peter Tan-Chi

When you are insulted by another person or asked to do something inconvenient, what do you do? The world will today will tell you to react but Jesus tells us to respond in love.

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  1. Earlier I was insulted by a random boss at work for not knowing the certain person they are looking for (I am just an OJT at their company).
    After he stopped insulting me I just told him thank you in a very polite way while smiling. I thank God for helping me control myself and to not fight back, He saved me from that moment

  2. Before I was saved, I would come back at someone or plot their demise in my mind! Lol
    Now, I ask for grace and mercy in my heart as the Lord has shown for me. So many changes came upon me when I asked Jesus into my life. He came and changed me sooo much and I’m eternally grateful. God bless!

  3. there is a certain level of suffering wherein our earhtly bodies and mind can only endure… what the Bible is teaching us is that only thru God will we ever surpass the trials given to us…

  4. CCF is the only Christian channel other than the late Derek Prince's worth subscribing to. So blessed to hear the sermon of Ps Peter Tanchi and his team. The teachings are Christ-based, practical and down-to-earth, no "up-in-air", "we-are-more-holy" and no hypocritical attitudes. Ps Peter and his team are willing to share even the most painful, personal and emotional cases so that we can learn from their experiences. I am blessed to come across CCF preachings on Youtube. Our good God will surely pour forth all the great blessings upon CCF.