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In her search for security, Venus spent most of her early life looking for all the wrong things in all the wrong people. But God, in all of His goodness and grace, plucked her out of the darkness that consumed her and showed her in Who security can truly be found. Since then, God has worked in and through her life. Tune in to find out how.

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  1. She is so beautiful. I have the same fears. I always think that if I give my life to God, I'll be broke and stuff, and I told my mother this and she recited John 10:10 to me. Hearing your story has made my day. I'm seeing life with a more positive perspective now. Thank you for your time and thank You, Lord, for sending this story to me☺

  2. Wow…its God be d glory…im more convince of how realy God moving on our life..hes not choosing a level of a person….whether ir famous or simple one…but if its a calling it is it….we are lucky to be among hu choosen by God the father to dwelt with him….praise God…

  3. Yes! Jesus Christ is the fountain of life. In Him is the peace that transcends man's understanding. How great and blessed to be saved from our sins through faith in Jesus finished work on the cross of Calvary. Glad to hear your testimony Ms Venus. Thank you and God bless your service to Him…

  4. God is good all the time! Venus sought for Him and she found Him. This is also my struggles in life. I claim to be a believer of God but I still practice worldly things. I would like to see and hear God. And thank you Venus for following his footsteps. You are such an inspiration to those who are lost and seeking for God's light.

  5. I have PSTD and accumulated Depression since young without knowing it until I lost almost everything including my life. I returned to Christ in Nov 2018. By God's grace, He gradually revealed to me the root causes to my sufferings and guiding me through along the path of healing over the course of last year. One of the recent Psychological exercises that I needed to do in order to set myself free from being controlled by past events and problems, is to change the narrative on how I tell my story, including to myself. And I have been prayful that God would show me an appropriate way. The time I am writing this is 3:33am, 22 January 2020. For some reason I was awakened at 1:27am, and couldn't sleep any more. I thought why not simply watch something in YouTube until I get sleepy again. Somehow I ended up here! I givethanks to God for showing me such a wonderful testimony and be able to learn something out of this format of self-narration. Thank you! All praises and glory to God.

  6. Like you, I am also from Bicol. But unlike you, both of my mother and grandparents are practicing Catholics. No one from CCP should come to us telling us about Jesus. There is already the 10 Commandments. All you have to do is follow that rule. What is it with beauty queens from the Bicol region?. Catriona Gray's mom is also from the Bicol region, but Catriona is not religious, as well. And to think that she has only one daughter to mentor (Catriona). Mga tamad ang mga Bicolana mothers to instill spiritual values to their kids.