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Once the scandal broke, he tried to end his life. Twice. But the Lord has other plans for Hayden Kho. Find out what happened to his story behind all the headlines.

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  1. This story the story Lord's beautiful heart…How much He loves us and if we submit to Him how much He can lift us up. He is awesome.
    Psalmist Says so well..
    He raises the poor from the dust
    and lifts the needy from the ash heap;
    He seats them with princes,
    with the princes of his people.

  2. It is never too late for those who want to change for good. God is so loving and forgiving. We all commit mistakes, we all are sinners but what's more important is that we learn from it and let God work in our life.

  3. Wow…sir thanks for u..and continue becoming inspiration to others eventhough what ur past is…i really admire u..ang galing mu po…sana darting yung time na maibalik na ang licenxa mu as a doctor…

  4. The will to change is a crucial factor. I have seen some lives transformed and the individual does not even belong to any Church. Prayers and the acknowledgment that ultimately, only God and not ccf or any Church, nor any pastor nor the counsellor same as no psychologist or psychiatrist nor priest could change people.
    They are all merely means or instruments, and this is just a sentiment because certain times videos like this appear no different with company ads and product promotions; not to say that this one is.
    So setting all the melodramatics; the pinching of the emotions aside and to cut a long story short: Trust then let God do what only He can do. That is the bottomline.