Craig Groeschel | – Christmas Song 2014: "We Lift You High" – Lyric Video – Worship

“We Lift You High,” an original Christmas worship song by [support us], is available for download from iTunes ([support us]), SoundCloud, and Spotify. Hear it live at a [support us] location near you ([support us]) or at Church Online ([support us]). If you’re in ministry, you can also download the song and all the chords, stems, and loops you need to use it in your church at [support us]

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Life.Church Life.Church is a group of people from all walks of life who are being transformed by Jesus Christ. Every week, we join together around the world to worship God and to experience a relevant and powerful message, which teaches truths from the Bible. We are passionate about sharing the love of Christ by caring for each other and positively influencing our communities. The mission of Life.Church is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. This is the foundation for everything we do and has been the basis of our ministry from the beginning. Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of Life.Church and is known for his creative and insightful Bible teaching.

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  1. My husband isn't an outward showing of his faith kinda guy. He's very private. But this song broke through to him! He grabbed my hands and lifted his within mine and we worshipped together. It was the most intimate, most beautiful thing I've ever experienced. I felt God right then in that moment he wrapped his arms around us and I feel him smiling. GOD IS SO GOOD! AMEN!

  2. Great Contemporary Christmas Song and truly inspirational lyrics. I am a songwriter myself and posted New Christmas Track "In the Sky Tonight" on you tube. It is a pop track to appeal to the mass population but with subtle Christian based lyrics to celebrate the Birth Of Christ and the tale of the Wise Men. Well Done to We Lift You High. The Churches and Ministry should support popular music celebrating Christmas. Regards TJ