Craig Groeschel | – Winning the War in Your Mind – Mastermind Part 1 with Pastor Craig Groeschel

Have you ever thought about winning the war in your #mind? Most of life’s battles are won or lost in the mind. Our thoughts have power when we give them power. In “Winning the War in Your Mind,” Week 1 of the [support us] sermon series Mastermind, Pastor Craig Groeschel will show you how to identify the strongholds that are holding you back, name the truth that will demolish that stronghold, and renew your mind so, with the power of Christ behind you, you can win the war in your mind. #lcmastermind

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Change your thinking, change your [support us] /> It’s all in your head. But what if that’s a good thing? Our thoughts are more than a reaction to what’s happening in our lives—they’re a powerful force for shaping who we are and who we can become. Learn how you can use your thoughts to unleash the Mastermind inside you.

The struggles are real, but may have less power over us than we think. Too often we believe we are prisoners to our thoughts: those voices telling us to worry, that we aren’t good enough, or that we can’t ever change our behavior. Lies believed as truth affect us as if they are true, so this series shines a light on the strongholds that hold us down and give us the tools we need to shatter them.

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Life.Church Life.Church is a group of people from all walks of life who are being transformed by Jesus Christ. Every week, we join together around the world to worship God and to experience a relevant and powerful message, which teaches truths from the Bible. We are passionate about sharing the love of Christ by caring for each other and positively influencing our communities. The mission of Life.Church is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. This is the foundation for everything we do and has been the basis of our ministry from the beginning. Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of Life.Church and is known for his creative and insightful Bible teaching.

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  1. Think about your thoughts. Identify the number 1 lie that is keeping you back:
    You’re not made for the big plans that God has created you to be apart of.

    1. You’re slow and everyone knows it. You're brain is faulted. You simply can’t. – NO, I can do ALL things through Christ who STREGTHENS me.
    2. You never will. You’re to unorganized and lazy. – NO, I have the SPIRIT OF GOD dwelling WITHIN me.
    3. You can’t get it all done on time! You’re not smart, resourceful, or good enough. – NO, when I am weak HE makes me STRONG.
    4. But you don’t look the part, you’re too little, and your words don’t make sense. – NO, I AM FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made.
    5. You’re too emotional. Your feelings are all over the place. – NO, The JOY of MY LORD is MY STRENGTH.
    6. You can’t do this alone! – He will never LEAVE me nor forsake me!
    7. You're a person who doesn't succeed. You can’t change! – NO, I AM AN OVERCOMER.


  2. Perfect timing! Praise God!
    I just ordered Battlefield of the Mind and the notification for this pops up. This is great to listen to and study while I wait. Praising God for this divine appointment.
    "The more you travel God's truth, the more you believe it". Amen!

  3. We go to Uncommon Life Church in Joplin every Sunday. Pastor Craig I want you to know that you are very very good at what you do. This series about the brain is the best yet, thank you for what you do. I lovee Life Church and look forward to seeing you and hearing God's Word. And you are soooo handsome!

  4. Think what is as if it were! Our brain controls everything in our bodies. How Holy and Great is He (our creator) that can be the only one to develop such a powerful organ that no one can duplicate. The blessing is that God’s gift to us allows us to access it at anytime…even when he knows it can be misused. Our mental CPU has only one power source no matter what decisions we make..and that power source is the Holy Spirit. Thank God that at anytime he can access our bad files and delete them instantly as long as we offer the Lord our CPU password which is COMEINTOMYLIFELORD

  5. Great message may God bless you abundantly our toung is very important for our life to speak positive or negative and many other things and also thought and words are very very important….for us Thank you so much for great message…

  6. Thank you immensely, I was feeling very lost and god led me to this to take me out of my misery and calm my restless mind… this just comes to show how god makes everything happen for a reason

  7. It’s great how these skills can be learnt by anyone, and these don’t rely on God for development. Just like we don’t pray for big muscles we work out the ones we have and make them big.

  8. I was wrongly taught that thoughts were not a sin. After many years of having a “ free for all” in my mind, I battle having sinful thoughts. I asked the Holy Spirit to show me my sin and now I am aware just how often that has been happening in my mind for so long!