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Creflo Dollar Ministries Creflo Dollar Ministries. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL YOUTUBE FOR CREFLO DOLLAR MINISTRIES. Understanding Grace | Empowering Change Creflo Dollar is the founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI) in College Park, Georgia which serves nearly 30,000 members, and World Changers Church-New York which hosts over 6,000 worshippers each week. Changing Lives & Loving People. His award-winning Changing Your World television broadcast reaches nearly one billion homes in practically every country in the world. A much sought-after conference speaker and best-selling author, Dollar is known for his practical approach to the Bible and has encouraged thousands to pursue a personal relationship with God. For more info visit

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  1. Pastor u BLESSED my soul! Had to share this with my companion cause he was saying similiar to this the past weekend and i kinda didn't agree, but when u broke this down, it was so TRUE! Confirmation!!!! I need these confessions, they have made my walk closer especially since our Church still isn't open. Love u and Taffi❤❤

  2. Last night service was awesome had my whole family listening to it especially my kids. I wanted them as well as me and my wife get the understanding about hell and what happen when don’t chose Jesus as your lord and savior. It is real can’t go around think that hell is not real we going to die one day and I want them to chose right I want to see my family in heaven with me when that time comes. If you have made Jesus Christ your lord and savior do it now before it’s to late think about the rich man and Lazarus. I’m thankful for the God in pastor Creflo Dollar he has done a awesome job on teaching use the word of God. I’ve learn so much listening to his sermon and it help me a lot in my day to day life.

    FATHER, I want to know what it's like to be ABSOLUTELY CONTENT and fulfilled in my relationship with you. Whatever I'm missing, teach me how to find it in YOU. I will cultivate my connection and focus on the JOY that comes from the walking day, by day, with YOU. In YOU I am whole and complete. In Jesus Christ. Amen

  4. Yes I have been involved with People's who gave me a Judas Kiss and who was secretly Jealous of me I forgave them I will never,ever TRUST THEM AGAIN I treat them with a Super Long Spoon because they are Fake and Phony.

  5. A Judas kiss and lying lips.
    Are given from an enemy.
    Wherefore be mindful not
    all compliments are sincere.

    Eventually the trajectory of
    the betrayal from an adversary.
    In recognition we shall
    overcome the experience.
    Wiser without malice.
    The Bible says. Forgive the
    sinner but not the sin.

  6. Sometimes being around the person can bring back the hurt, offense and be a stumbling block ..cause you to sin again. Members of my own family..i only have 1 hard to find people who really can be trusted.

  7. Creflo spoke right when he said God wants us to treat people right or "rightly" as Creflo likes to say. We must rightly divide how to treat people and let God direct us in that. Forgive because you are forgiven but seek justice when injustice is done to you. Amen