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Creflo Dollar Ministries Creflo Dollar Ministries. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL YOUTUBE FOR CREFLO DOLLAR MINISTRIES. Understanding Grace | Empowering Change Creflo Dollar is the founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI) in College Park, Georgia which serves nearly 30,000 members, and World Changers Church-New York which hosts over 6,000 worshippers each week. Changing Lives & Loving People. His award-winning Changing Your World television broadcast reaches nearly one billion homes in practically every country in the world. A much sought-after conference speaker and best-selling author, Dollar is known for his practical approach to the Bible and has encouraged thousands to pursue a personal relationship with God. For more info visit

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  1. You guys are the keeping us feed love you this church changed my life I was depressed oppressed and simply lost but I thank God I found my way and what was amazing I was 7 min away from the church and didn’t even know it I just appreciate you guys and all the other servers of God at the church they are wonderful

  2. Thank you I really needed to hear this after going through this bad weather in Texas, yesterday my son in law was in a bad motorcycle accident. He is in Ben Taub hospital with a long recovery ahead. I praise God he is still alive and when he has his second surgery to close the opening on his ankle. Please keep my family in your prays. Yes God is good

  3. I want to say thank You of your prayer team reached out in response to my prayer request and prayed for me..with in a couple of days..of request..i don't remember his name..but he truly blessed know someone cares…

    How do you defend your mind? You do it by capturing wrong thoughts when they come. Whenever you being thinking in a way that doesn't line up with the WORD, cast those wrong thoughts down by speaking GOD'S WORD. Guarding your mind takes discipline and diligence. Satan's objective is to get you to receive the negative thought, speak it and act on it. Once you act on something he has suggested, you activate a negative cycle in your life. This is where resolve must kick in. 2 Cor. 10:5 says, " Casting down imaginations, and every thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. "God isn't going to defend your mind for you; it's your "RESPONSIBILITY". With the WORD of GOD in your mouth and in heart, you can defeat the enemy's suggestions every time GOD WORD is my Spiritual Weaponry Weapon/ 357 Magnum: Once it spoke out of my mouth the target is defeated. JESUS CHRIST OUR CHAMPION…AMEN!!!

  5. To ALL christians watching this video….
    Listen to the Dollars DECEITFULLY teaching about how Satan/Lucifer robs your ' RIGHTEOUSNESS and Privilege that you received from Jesus/God.
    Can you see how deceitful these Prosperity doctrine/10%TITHING Pastors can twist what's really the tRUTH.

    In this video, they portray themselves as the TRUE teachers/True Pastor, as the ones preaching the REAL Gospel of Jesus.Do NOT, repeat, do NOT be gullible to fall for their deceitful and evilish schemes.

    . As Jesus WARNED his diciples, so am I, here to tell you to BEWARE of their deceitful and Sheep's clothing "words.The BEST resources you can refer to/acquire answers from is from the BIBLE itself. IF you are not into reading it ( I read it more than 4 times, because Jesus HIMSELF led and made me addicted to read it and not only t he made me addicted to praying 7 times a day ), so, IF I was able to read it more than 4 times from front to back/last page of Revelation, I'm sure you can read it once, but if NOT, ask Google for help and the number one question you should find out are the following …..

    What is the name of Jesus founding church?
    Who built the Catholic church?
    WHO called it Catholic?
    WHAT year was it called Catholic?

    Then, AFTER reading the entire bible, ask yourself these questions…..WHICH church, among all the MANmade, None of them. None and that INCLUDES Creflo Dollar's " World chnager church", since that was/is MANmade just like the others. !
    Jesus only founded ONE church and not 2, not 3 and definitely not more than 35 thousands all spread out in this world.He founded it under one Disciple as the EARTHLY ROCK, since he KNEW that he would soon be going back to heaven , thus needed that someone to LEAD his founding church.

    The process of selecting that ONE Trusteed LEADER to become the EARTHLY ROCK of his Earthly church was done in THREE stages/process and you all can read them in THREE chapters…..

    John 1: 41 to 42………
    AFTER meeting Peter for the very FIRST time, Jesus PURPOSELY changed SIMON'S name to CEPHAS .HE had chosen a LEADER of whom he would built his church upon and that ROCK of which he built his church upon is SOLIDLY standing to this day, because of that SPIRITUAL ROCK whose guiding it all through these years and his name is……Jesus.
    Yes, people, Jesus did BUILT/FoUNDED a church, so do NOT be so gullible when False Pastors say that Jesus did not build a church.He did and it is written on this chapter. False Pastors just do not want to acknowledge that FACT because their church was Not THAT church that Jesus founded. Theirs were/are just merely founded/built by ORDINARY MEN like this so called " World Changer " church, whose preaching MANmade Doctrine.
    TRUTH must be told , Creflo Dollar , whether you like it or not !!


    Matthew 16:18……
    In this verse, Jesus finally founded/built his church upon PETER…the chosen earthly ROCK , where ALL those who truly BELIEVE in him and DO the things he DID here on earth might be SAVED by these TOP TWO THINGS he required from all of us which are…..


    For as Jesus says it himself…..' You will know them by their FRUIT/WORK and that teaching of FAITH and GOOD WORK/S are being taught by his ONE and ONLY FOUNDING CHURCH……the CATHOLIC CHURCH.
    OTHER than that teaching , such as FAITH AlONE is from LUCIFER himself!
    WHY? Because by teaching that FAITH ALONE, like Creflo Dollar and the other Prosperity doctrine/10%TITHING Pastors, it teaches the person that he/she can STILL continue committing all the Sinfulness of this world and STILL be SAVED?
    NOT in Jesus Book of life !!! THAT was not, is not and would Never Ever be part of Jesus teaching/Gospel….Never !

    In Matthew 7:13 to 23…..he sent all the FAITH-FILLED to HELL, because of their evilish/Lawless Works ! FAITH AlONE can not make the person enter Jesus heavenly Kingdom!
    Says WHO? Jesus HIMSELF ! Read the bible Christians and STOP listening to false Pastors personal interpretation/twisted and changed versio for their own gain and benefits.

    John 21:15 to 17……….
    Jesus purposely assigned, commissioned and personally APPOINTED his chosen LEADER who was PETER. He asked him to tend and feed his Lamb and Sheep. He appoinhted him to be his earthly Shepherd , for he KNEW that he would be leaving soon back to his Kingdom.

    PETER and Not the other disciples!
    Why Peter? Because he was the ONLY DISCIPLE who KNEW and PASSED that LEADERSHIP -TEST when Jesus asked them…….

    "WHO do people say I am"?

    Peter , was CHOSEN and BLESSED/APPROVED by the FATHER to be theROCK of his ONLY SON'S Church and so, God the FATHER bestowed/gave him that knowledge, wisdom and Understanding to KNOW what and how to answer Jesus question and so, Peter replied to Jesus…….

    ' You are the Christ, the SON of the living God

    And THAT answer, AUTOMATICCALLY made Peter as the official ROCK/LEADER and Jesus confirmed and acknowledged that his FATHER in heaven gave/bestowed him that answe, and not his flesh and blood and the FATHER did it as the HIS Way of APPROVING Peter to be his SON'S chosen LEADER of his founding church here on earth.
    This biblical FACT is something Creflo Dollar and the others can NEVER claim since their churches are ALL MANmade, New-Ager, false and CULT churches! Why CULT churches? Because they're ALL founded/built by ORDINARY MEN like Creflo Dollars and the others.

    I bring that TRUTH because Jesus REAL Gospel must abound and be known to the world and not this Luciferian agenda followed and practiced by MONEY-HUNGRY and GREEDY Pastors!!

    Repent,O False Pastors !!!

  6. Judgment for ALL Prosperity/10%TITHING Pastors will be grave, not just because they're teaching all these MANmade doctrine, but by COMPETING Jesus ALREADY-IN-EXISTENCE -CHURCH, called the CATHOLIC CHURCH !!
    To spread and teach OTHER doctrine other than what's left behind and handed down by Jesus himself to his chosen disciples led by Peter, is SIN in itself.Because by founding/building your/their own church is your way of Not accepting, not following, Not BELIEVIN and Not OBEYING Jesus own REAL Gospel, but you people chose to believe according to your own " Superior Thinking"' of which you acquired/achieved from earthly knowledge, and defying what's written inside the bible.
    You decided to bury- to- oblivion ALL of Jesus gospel of which he died for and the Judgment for doing that deceitfulo deed will not be a minor one.It will be AUTOMATICALLY rendered in a grave manner ..By Who? Jesus himself.

    God the FATHER woud Never Ever send any other Prophets/Teachers/Pastors to teach and spread doctrines OPPOSITE, CONTRADICTORY, AGAINST and Not AlIGN to his own SON"S Gospel.His own SON ALREADY founded and established that ONE REAL TRUE church, so what made Pastors, like you Creflo Dollar, that you can just preach all these MANmade Doctrines fully knowing that Jesus Founding church is already in its Eistence?
    What do you call Ambitious and GREEDY church Founders who are doing this COMPETITION Against Jesus own church?
    That is called……DISOBEDIENCE/DEFIANCE!
    God has grave Judgment for those who are committing this kind of Disobedience !

    Repent, O False Pastors!!

  7. God the FATHER would never send OTHER Shepherds who do not belong to Jesus founding Pasture.
    That was the main reason as to why Jesus founded that ONE churc/Pasture , so his Lambs and Sheep do not go outside and wandered around just to graze other Greener Grass ( easy-to-the-fles and good-to-the-ears doctrine). J

    Jesus purposely chose to have that ONE Shepherd so they can ALL do that ONE ACCORD of which more than 2 BILLION Believers STILL do to this day inside that ONE Pasture and that ONE ACCORD, which was being practiced, followed, observed and did/DO with ALL his disciples in the old days, is STILL being followed and observed to this very day , which is the most Undeniable PROOF of Jesus AUTHENTIC foundation of his church and that can be seen/identified by the celebration of the EUCHARIST, which is the BODY and BLOOD of that SPIRITUAL ROCK who founded this One and ONLY Pasture/church.

    Your choices are not that many. There are only two of them………either you follow all the MANmade, New-Ager, False and Cult churche that can be seen and spread all around yo
    Follow that ONE and ONLY founding church of Jesus of which he founded more than 2 thousand years ago.The length of time of its foundation is something False Pastors can not claim, Nor say that they are that that church Jesus founded, since ALL these MANmade churches are merely just few hundred years old.In other words, they are all BABY CHURCHES.
    TRUTH must be told, Creflo Dollar, otherwise, all the WRONG you people are preaching will always be RIGHT and the all the RIGHT will always be WRONG.
    As Jesus Visionary, I can not let that happen, otherwise, the SPIRITUAL and EARTHLY ROCK would cry out !

    Wake up Christians !! Wake up from your deep slumber !!