Creflo Dollar | – What To Do When Righteousness Is Under Attack

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About The Author

Creflo Dollar Ministries Creflo Dollar Ministries. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL YOUTUBE FOR CREFLO DOLLAR MINISTRIES. Understanding Grace | Empowering Change Creflo Dollar is the founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI) in College Park, Georgia which serves nearly 30,000 members, and World Changers Church-New York which hosts over 6,000 worshippers each week. Changing Lives & Loving People. His award-winning Changing Your World television broadcast reaches nearly one billion homes in practically every country in the world. A much sought-after conference speaker and best-selling author, Dollar is known for his practical approach to the Bible and has encouraged thousands to pursue a personal relationship with God. For more info visit

Comment (23)

  1. Awesome message this morning that delivers me from me. I love the way you break down the word pastor Dollar, it agrees with my spirit. I'm growing up spiritually daily by digesting the word of God. I thank God for pastor Taffy and your love walk.

  2. Powerful word Man of God” continue letting God use you” he has opened your eyes to the truth” yes righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ alone” that righteousness connects us with the presence of God to experience the love, peace and anointing which actually causes us to live right and obey the commandments, it’s not a license for sin, anyone who receives it to them it’s power that enables one to reject sin” many get defensive when this is shared and say well” I guess I can do whatever I want” when you won’t if you’ve received righteousness by faith due to connection with God’s presence softening and changing the heart” but even apart from that obedience we’ve been justified by faith alone” I’ve noticed by receiving righteousness by faith not works of the law, that makes me want to do right because only those who received the gift of righteousness, can truly connect with the spirit of God, we’re branches, Jesus is the vine, the Father vinedresser, branches produce fruit based on connection with the vine” not works or practices of doing or not doing something, as a result of righteousness by faith, we connect with the Vine who makes fruit happen for the branches” I’m glad you’re teaching on righteousness “ this is really the key to everything in the kingdom! This word has encouraged my faith” no work of the Lord is done in vain” someone is listening and receiving!

  3. I done tried to kill myself my mama died my father died my brother died I had a stillborn child of my husband passed away overdose intoxication he was a worker and he was a street Hustler Morrow the story of the relationships I'm in a new relationship I'm dealing with it we've been together seven years off and on for my birthday that was one of my wishes and God brought him back in my life and he came back with a puppy and I let him know hey you're treating the puppy like the puppy is the lady at the house and she's not and you know how animals is females they tend to be like females and I had to let him know hey she's going to do what she feels to do an animal is not going to be all on my furniture you can train her but you can't train me I'll be with God told me to be the wife and you be the husband people attention to get animals to boss them around cuz they can't boss you around no one bosses no one around God bosses me around and tell me what to do when I was young I feel like I needed somebody only somebody I need is God and Jesus the head of my life and the spirit of God the flow and to get up every morning and thank the Lord and praise the Lord and thank him and give him the credit I will give no one on this Earth critic I don't owe nobody nothing on this Earth I owe God all the glory and the praise he gave me life he gave me my children he gave me my grandchildren he gave me joy he gave me everything he gave me the source and everything I don't worship idols I worship My Father which is in heaven and his son Jesus Christ I hung on the cross and I hang on the cross and I put my family up there with me we will not be falling generations and brokenness we will not be in poverty we are healed by the grace of God in equipped faith and sons 91 like pastor Clifford dollar and sister Taffy dollar My brother and me been following them ever since we've been young against

  4. But I forgot to accept the gifts that came with it and I found the accepted when I grew up when I was a child I felt like a child but not that I'm a woman and grown up with children and grandchildren I walked different cuz they depend on me and I depend on God and Jesus to get me through them I can't do nothing without God in Jesus my family has been through so much abuse rape I went through it so much so many things I'm not scared to tell my testimony mental issue so many things but my any always got us help my auntie didn't sugarcoat nothing she was fair my mom went through so much my mom is in heaven she died of stage for a cancer my daddy died of life my husband died of life life took them for fast I had a stillborn child my children them suffer trusting people and I taught them right from wrong my son he went through trials and tribulations I have one son I have four daughters and one in heaven with her daddy she died I had to bury her I'm the only one living out of my mom and my brothers I didn't understand I said my mom was dead my mom is not dead she her journey is up my journey is not over yet but when my journey is over I pray that God lift me up or when Jesus come back down

  5. I don't want my grandkids to have what I want them to have I want them to have with God want them to have and want my kids to have what God want them to have cuz we often pick a life for ourself and what we want them to have forgetting that God wants us to have things that's why he asks us to be pure and that's why he asked Adam and Eve don't go in the middle of the garden and food with the tree of knowledge good and bad because it was a set time for that that's why all this is going on if you remember in the beginning the dinosaurs the caveman The Land before Time God created everything good the Giants they was destroyed cuz they was disobedient Babylon the walls of Jericho all these things are revealing and everything in the Bible is revealing wrong Egypt all over all these things we are the descents of those before us 2000 years ago passed down generations so Jesus was sacrificing offered up that we might have eternal life in our children and I grandchildren we're only repeating history so God has not found one person that's like his son I don't mind sacrificing my son and my daughters or nothing I sacrifice so God is giving me back now I stand out now I have things close to like Jesus have the Lord told me you sacrifice my child now you're in the book of Life in your like my son you're my daughter now you can pull up to the table you have nothing to worry about on your children you're free who the father said free through the sun is free indeed he say you may have trials and tribulation but this too should pass

  6. Even though we coming to the family of God in Jesus that doesn't mean we're not going to have trouble and trials and tribulation but remember God is right there with us in Jesus and he have a solution for everything even when I kids go through it they have to go through it that's a part of life that's a part of building character will test it every day was slaughtered every day God is giving us life but it's what we make out of life and what we own up to stop blaming the devil for everything that happened he tired of people blaming him for everything we need to take ownership for what we do and we don't teach there's a lot of preaching but I'm not not enough teaching and a not enough listening and old man and obedience your obedience to the government into the money but you're not obedient to the laws and you're not willing to sacrifice and willing to listen and thank God you'll think a stranger or you'll think of person or human but you won't thank God for what he do God give you breathing and Air God give you everything if it won't be for God this planet won't even hold up so start thanking him he created this planet and he created us he gave us life people don't even believe in God they don't believe in Jesus they don't have no faith they believe in the government

  7. Black people listen up paul was a nobody. the fact that paul told you to disobey God holy word is in disobedient. and these pastors are in the same boat as paul. Paul said himself with the mind I will serve God but with the flesh the law of sin. I will never listen to paul just by that statement alone

  8. I am so confused about my spiritual gifts . Why does the Bible say I am not allowed to talk to dead people ? Is that the devil disguised as God ? I need to know … people say it helps them sooo much but I just learned the Bible says it’s bad .