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People have been asking where is the church? People are hungry to see what Oneness under the Banner of Jesus Christ looks like. This is the mission of Cross Worship, to be a space where all color, creed, and culture can unite as One Body. During this time of Darkness, Separation, and Injustice, we still believe that Christ is our Cornerstone as it says in Isaiah! This truth is what brought us to create this expression of unity. As we try to find clear direction for our nation, and the work of the body of Christ, we believe that worship and prayer play a critical role in our ability to heal, reconcile, and fight for justice. So we present to you…Cornerstone United.

Official Music Video for “Cornerstone United” featuring the Cross Worship Community.

Video Editing: Agape Media
Production: Cross Worship Music LLC

Thank You to everyone who submitted a video:
Nate Scott, Danette Nelson, Lamont Hill, Caleb Ingram, Morgan Ingram, Lloyd Nicks, Cedric Shannon-Rives, Bianca Ejiofor, Colette Alexia, Kenetra Wilkinson, Qirsten Carter, Darwin Hobbs, Kaytee Mitchell, Victoria Tunde, Ria Githuku, Kenny West, Stevin Crane, Robert Bayse, Sarah Bayse, Ezra Ortiz, Cara Summer, Sadell Bradley, Charde’ Jones, Cleophus Robinson, Ethan Henderson, Shad Adams, Danielle Driskill, D’marcus Howard, Praise Ekeng, Laura Ellen Hart, Waymond Dean, Caleb Curry, Shovon Byers, Lucas Cortazio, Kylie Parks, Jill Miller, Troy Culbreth, Katrina Carter, Destiny Turner, Mitchel Ford, Vernell Warlick, Lilly Powers, Darius Byers (Bass), Michael Taylor (Drums), Jordan Brooks (Piano), Bryan Fairbanks (Aux), Jonny Fung (Electric Guitar), Jason Elam, (Acoustic Guitar), Robert Bayse (Acoustic Guitar).

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About The Author

Cross Worship Music Cross Worship Music is a collaboration of worship leaders based in Cincinnati, OH. Our heart is to reconcile the body of Christ across denominational and racial divides and to worship united as one.