DappyTKeys Worship | – I Love You Lord Today/There Is None Like You – Piano Instrumental Worship

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I love You, I love You, I love You, Lord, today; because You cared for me in such a special way. That’s why I praise You, I lift You up, and I magnify Your name; that’s why my heart is filled with praise. There is none like You, no one else can touch my heart like You do, I could search for all eternity long and find, there is none like You.

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Comment (37)

  1. Thank you for this song I bring me back to my first love of old to Christ it put in in a very high mud that even when I sleep Is in me when I wake I just what to sing it over keep singing over and over thank you Jesus for your love.

  2. I thank the Lord that finally Christians are sharing instrumentals and I don’t need to deal with ministerial jealousy. Thank you, thank you for making this music available to me. It has provided my autistic son music he can sing to

  3. I love you lord is one of my fav songs to sing and every time i want to sing alone with a keyboard to the song i run here….thank you for allowing all of us to sing along with your music and anointed hands that God has blessed you and us with…much love Your Sis and Your Friend Crystal Cross…"All Love"

  4. I know you have nothing to do with this but….Horror movie commercials/ads over a gospel music track? Not good. I am going to try to shake that off and skip to and enjoy the gospel music.

    Awww….That was beautiful. Thank you.