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DappyTKeys Piano Worship DappyTKeys Piano Worship. Welcome to DappyTKeys Piano Worship YouTube Channel! Here you will find Piano Instrumental Music that will help you to Relax, Pray & Meditate. Please remember to Subscribe to this channel and Share our content with others. DappyTKeys Mobile App is available on iOS and Android. Download here: https://get.theapp.co/sdz7 To Stream or Download my music, just search for "DappyTKeys" on all digital platforms, or use the links below. For bookings, to use my music and all other inquiries please email dappytkeys@gmail.com. Thanks, Tim Oladeru (DappyTKeys)

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  1. Lord I pray that you will open my eyes to see  you  Cleary of your truth of your words –
    help me to see like never be for – and I cry out for your in sites and I pray for your wisdom of your unfailing love – open my heart to feel what you want to me feel and I pray for your grace will help me to not fear teach me all your wonder full ways so I can be able to share who you ever you want to share with your amazing glory  I pray for your understand of your holy  spirit  oh holy spirit Invite you in my heart help me to know more and more oh father God I want to be fill with you ever lasting joy because you cup will never run dry Jesus and nothing in this world will satisfied me  like you all ways do please help me to find your hidden treasury in Jesus wonder full holy name please guide me on the right path for ever – and for give me if my heart fails you and please lift me up for all ways -in Jesus name thank you for everything -amen –

  2. lord I pray for my family  that you open there eyes to see your wonder full mercy
    and I pray for you lord that you will break every chain from there feet and hands that the Eminem has on them  I pray that you will set them free from the captive of this dark world – and I pray that you will show them your wonder full love that never fails like you been showing me – help to know you more and more and I pray for my brothers and sisters that are in Christ that you will strength there heart every single day and night I pray that you will lift them up from these strong storms that they are facing every day – I pray that you will make an way for them – all and I pray for the poor and the needed and the hungry and the disable and the homeless and I pray for the lost that you will guide them back to your grace and I pray for there salvation and free dome in Jesus Christ show them how much you truly love them all in Jesus name