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In David Jeremiah’s new book, Agents of the Apocalypse, you will become acquainted with the ten most prominent players in the book of Revelation—those who are the primary agents of the apocalypse. As we gain understanding about these key individuals in God’s master plan for this world, it will strengthen our resolve to stand firm even in the face of worsening circumstances. This book reveals the overarching truth of Revelation—that the Christian’s victory in Christ is an absolute certainty.

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David Jeremiah David Jeremiah. Turning Point is the broadcast ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah

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  1. Praise be the risen Son of God! Our soon and coming King! Blessed is He who comes I n tje name of the Lord of Hosts! Blessed are they who long for the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ for His faithful children. Time is very short. If you have not received the free gift of of eternal life, that is offered through acceptance of Jesus Christ, do so today… Today is the day of salvation… Time is truly precious… Accept the love that God has for you, through His One and only Son, Jesus Christ….