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Does life leave you feeling empty or fulfilled? Knowing your God-given purpose makes all the difference. Dr. David Jeremiah shares biblical wisdom for seeking, appreciating and understanding God’s unique purpose for your life – also known as your dream.

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Series: Forward – Discovering God’s Presence and Purpose in Your Tomorrow
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David Jeremiah David Jeremiah. Turning Point is the broadcast ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah

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  1. I have wondered what God s purpose for me is. I accepted Christ as my. Savior January of 1985. after hearing a message from Phillippians and finding a verse in Philippians someone had penciled backets around in the bible I had at that time. Philippians 2 verse 13, For it is God who workers in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. I guess Iam still seeking. God s purpose for my life. God bless.

  2. The insight into what your God ordained purpose Comes from when you see something that makes you say, “ Someone out to do some thing about that” – take that need and Glorify God with it! It will be the most satisfying thing you ever did

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