David Platt | – How to Fight Sin

Fight sin by focusing on God’s love for you.

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About The Author

Radical Radical exists to serve the church in accomplishing the mission of Christ. We long to see the church making disciples who make disciples who make disciples throughout the world -- from our neighbors across the street to the unreached people groups across the globe -- all for the glory of God. Resources from David Platt.

Comment (6)

  1. History, the Presidential Race, Economic-Inequality, & Social Justice

    1. History Provides Many Lessons;
    2. David Platt's actions appear to be motivated to help get Biden in office;
    3. Only Simpletons like Sociologist Michael Emerson & Platt argue on grounds of Economic Inequality; and
    4. David Platt's understanding of Social Justice is taken from Bernie Sanders & Robin Hood which is not biblical

    And, as added Ace in the hole, the Black Lives Matter Movement for Social Justice just might convince enough citizens to change their vote to Biden with his Progressive handlers. The script they are pushing very hard is that of Economic In-Equality due to Systemic Racism.

    There are many actors who are promoting this script. From the Bible base of the Southern Baptist Church as well as Mclean Bible, and 50% of all Evangelicals who are being duped by Michael Emerson, Black Lives Matter and our very own David Platt. Yes, unfortunately David Platt is using his position to influence the election. On these grounds alone, the elders should demand Platt's immediate resignation letter or terminate him immediately, and for supporting the evil organization of Black Lives Matter.

    What I find pathetic, besides trying to influence an election with 15 million Southern Baptists, Platt has shown his utter naivete by embracing the racist theory by the Southern Baptists denomination as made by Michael Emerson's book, "Divided by Faith". And then Platt wants to make the ridiculous argument:
    1. All the Southern Baptists are racists and should repent; therefore
    2. All Evangelical Christians are racists and should repent; and
    2. Therefore, all the US society has numerous systemic racist institutions.

    For most of his life David Platt was indoctrinated as a Social Gospel proponent by his Southern Baptist up-bringing, but since 2017 he is on a personal mission to change all of society of real or perceived evils as a Social Justice Warrior after reading the book, 'Equality Divided by Faith' by Michael Emerson, which he read about 2 years ago. So, Platt and the SBC now support the BLM and he is doing all he can to have the MBC church members & all the Southern Baptists drink the poisonous cool-aid of Systemic Racism which will enable Biden to be elected.

    Here is the poisonous well David Platt has drunk and offers everyone to partake.

    Read this book to see how David Platt was deceived by non sense.

    The authors of, 'Divided by Faith' found, (that despite recent efforts by the SBC evangelical leaders to address the problem of racial discrimination, the SBC evangelical members themselves seem to be preserving America's racial chasm. ) [opinion]

    In fact, most white evangelicals see no systematic discrimination against blacks. But the authors contend that it is not active racism that prevents evangelicals from recognizing ongoing problems in American society. Instead, it is the evangelical movement's emphasis on individualism, free will, and personal relationships that … perpetuates racial inequality. ] As noted by the authors!!!! [opinion that the foundation of Evangelicalism beliefs creates racism. Very foolish]
    These guys want to state, "evangelicals seem to be preserving a racial chasm". Really? But, they simply point to dumb numbers of whites living in better neighborhoods and that whites go to jail for drugs in far lesser numbers than blacks do for the same crimes. Okay. So, where in this ignorant reasoning is there a shred of any evidence of racism or of systemic racism. There is none! All Emerson does in his book and video is give some disparity numbers. And so, because there are more blacks arrested for drugs, the nation must be racist. And because affluent neighborhoods are mainly white, the nation must be racist. Non sense! This is just an arugument for income equality no matter ones choices, no matter ones life of crime, and no matter ones education or effort to succeed. Its an argument for Communistic Marxism. And Platt buys into this foolishness. I find it amusing and sad how a PHD educated pastor can be such a simpleton and also choose foolishly to be a Social Justice Warrior. (On both counts his mission is not biblical, nor in line with the gospel.


    David Platt wants to be Robin Hood along with the Progressives and provide material equality in his fight for equality. To this end he is willing to accuse all Christians of Racism and accuse America of systemic racism to accomplish his mission of promoting the Social Liberation Theology Gospel of materialism.

    Platt's Social Gospel must go and so should Platt.