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Love is not a suggestion or a recommendation, but a command from Almighty God. Through it we can impact our neighborhood, city and country. Learn what it means to love.

(This is the new video to replace the one that had a repeating section. Many thanks and blessings to those who alerted us.)

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Derek Prince Derek Prince. Through our radio program, books, audio, and video it's our honor to carry on the work that Derek Prince began so well and loved so much. Use the links below to visit the Derek Prince International Office websites.

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  1. I stumbled upon one of Derek's Book just last week and I've also watched some Derek's sermons on youtube…and it's been nothing but miracles; not because of his doctrines and teachings, but rather because of God revealing Himself through Derek's hands. 

    What I just noticed is…even after decades of ministry and growth in Christ and His word at the time this was filmed, Derek still continues to learn, openly share God's revelation through the fear of God's word – (Gal 2:20).  

    How much more can I say that I understand the Bible? I know nothing and I am nothing. But it is in this very revelation, God works reveals Himself…and I am ever so glad. Know that God loves; He is my all and your all. I pray God moves and reveals Himself to His people in these last days. 

  2. a new commandment? its horrible… Derek Prince; dont misunderstand me as if i reject love but love is horrible when its a law… it will never be a true love. 
    i love the lord with all my heart also, i live in joy from it everyday.
    a true love is Agape (αγάπη), in the bible; that love is never imposed… the Pharisees also tried to impose love but everything would work out to be sanctimony.

    love thy neighbor… but your neighbor is Christ… 
    if, love thy neighbor means: everybody… than Jesus died for nothing, for we would not be free but still under the law… ignoring what IJohn4…
    Lukas 10:25-37 is about the Good Samaritan… but the good samaritan is Jezus… and if we read verse 35-37 good you should know its about loving Christ, not the neighbor next door.
    The Samaritan (Christ) helped the man whom fell into the hands of the rovers (meaning us)
    love Christ, he proved grace… (though i am still not saying that even faith is a law) 

    Ephesians 4:28 saids: whom is a thief, doesnt steal anymore… 
    its not a law, its commen sence, it logical… what works through the Agape.
    agape is never imposed… just have faith and you may fallow to do the same thing… just like Ephesians 2:1-10…
    dont boast about love, since your saying its an act you must do…

    Greetings from Holland… 🙂 
    Good luck…

  3. never commented on a video on youTube before in 10 years, but wow, Derek really touches your heart. Not with words, but you can see his heart very clearly, and its one of the most wonderfully God transformed hearts I've ever seen.

  4. This is amazing , my feet had almost slipped , I have been distracted by religious debate today & I needed to find a fresh vision of Jesus , only in Him can I live. Then I began to listen to this teaching & GLORY , I got the vision renewed again.
    I often feel the giants are too big, that the problems are too many , that these end times are so confusing & fellow brethren, falling away, hurting each other , betrayal all around . Oh Lord what can I do ?
    Love them Peter , never stop loving, forgiving , believing, … simple . I may not be able to move a mountain, or lead a nation to repentance, I might not raise the dead or prophecy , or have words of knowledge, but I can love , a hug , a tear , a text message, a cup of English tea and a smile for every face .
    Amen we are on a pligrimage together , I love you all brethren . good to share .

  5. I was led to Derek Prince through prayer. I praise the Lord for Derek. So many beautiful things he teaches. The most important thing l take from Derek is to seek Jesus through prayer & read the Bible. Amazing how God works!

  6. Does unconditional love mean to let people use you? The word says, give to those who asks.. Does that mean, Give my house to a lazy person, do I keep going around someone who don't want to change their ways. The word says love, so if I give them the word an they don't except it so I choose not to be around them, because of their ways, does that mean I don't love.. Just a question. People says, it's not love… People says, how can you show love if your not around people that loves their flesh an don't want to change..

  7. the greatest message I have ever heard Thank You Jason for sharing this yes God revealing himself through Derek prince . There is a fountain open to all who will receive and just obey the greatest command given. I've made the decision to Love Jesus and others as Jesus does

  8. I've been a Believer for 2 yrs now and my growth has been catapulted through listening to Derek's sermons. I have such a greater understanding of the Scriptures through how he explains things. God bless, another great saint that did great work for the Lord.

  9. Linda C. I agree that those who not show love do not even know Jesus because He is love. I have always loved people- after my born again experience my love of people multiplied enormously and that was a miracle from God . It is not me so much but God loving through me to others. This type of teaching can not be matched by anyone else on earth. I just can not get enough of this teaching. Blessings to you for providing!!

  10. La exposición del evangelio , esta en Inglés. Es una pena , no poder escuchar el mensaje en castellano. Este fue un Varon de DIOS , más un tesoro forjado en el Corazón, de JESUS. Siento un profundo dolor , vivir en este tiempo, en que los que se dicen ser pastores , no tengan este amor profundo por : los perdidos , los que tienen hambre por lo Espiritual. Como , no puedo comprender, tanta indolencia , por EL SACRIFICIO EN LA CRUZ, se tome con tanta liviandad. Muy bendecidos fueron las almas que pastoreo , Un Varon digno de ser honrado, dio su vida ,total a la mayor obra, hacia JESUS.
    Gracias a los que le honran , con estas predicaciones . Si pueden En Castellano. Dios les bendiga por este bendito legado.