Derek Prince | – Beginning Your Day 02/7

“Beginning Your Day” is number 02/7 in the series by Derek Prince entitled, “A Word from the Word.”

The “A Word from the Word” video series is being produced by James Worthington, a Kiwi living in Israel. The series is partially funded by donations made in the memory of Elizabeth Cooper Lauster (1956 – 2018), the late wife of DPM-USA board member David Lauster

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Derek Prince Derek Prince. Through our radio program, books, audio, and video it's our honor to carry on the work that Derek Prince began so well and loved so much. Use the links below to visit the Derek Prince International Office websites.

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  1. I've been wondering about that. I wake up and say good morning to God & Jesus but im still half asleep and still really don't know how to pray or what to pray. Its funny because when i need something from God i know how to pray. I try to pray for others and try to pray with thanksgivings but have a hard time. Can't find the words sometimes my mind goes blank. I have a hard time with it and understanding the bible . It's taken me my whole life to even get to this point. I believed but wasn't sure what to believe just believed in God and Jesus.