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Most Christians do not realize their value in God’s eyes. What often appears to be humility is simply an inability to understand our standing as a child of God. Learn to see yourself as God sees you—and leave poor self-esteem behind forever.

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Derek Prince Derek Prince. Through our radio program, books, audio, and video it's our honor to carry on the work that Derek Prince began so well and loved so much. Use the links below to visit the Derek Prince International Office websites.

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  1. Derek said he didn't want to talk about abortion because he was sure enough was already said about that! One of the problems with the Christian church is their reluctance to preach every day about the severity of murdering unborn babies, and human beings in war! They rarely talk about these two travesties!!!! I don't believe Our Heavenly Father will forgive anyone who condones murder of any kind. This includes Christian's who sit by and do nothing to end all of the suffering perpetrated on humanity, by humans!!!!

  2. So inspirational it took my breath away.
    I'm so happy to have this privilege to learn and understand that we are loved unconditionally by Our Lord and Savior in Jesus mighty name Amen

  3. That hallelujah guy followed Derek around for a while making a nuisance of himself by announcing his religious pride every few minutes at many of Derek's meetings. Every time he pops up I wonder if he ever realized how annoying and disruptive he was.

  4. Today July 4th 2020 I
    Got the answer to the dream i had in 2013 after my cancer diagnosis I went to an empty room in the house and criedmysrlf to sleep, in my dream A Cloud took the shape of a hand and took me and with the outmost care closed in a fist and carried me i felt secure snugled and protected in that fetal position like a newborn baby when I woke up I knew I will fight i will get the surgery and the chemo Alone (all my family lives in another Country). Only had my husband at the time and my two children. I am that pearl he speaks in the Parable the man(Jesus) bough after selling his possesions and my life belongs to him . THANK YOU.LORD

  5. I am an Indian I want to share my experience.After schooling I joined a christian college.The principal of the college called me by the name of my caste,I belonged to a lower community,the moment she called me by my caste I began tremble,as I never expected this from a christians lips.I cried for years unable to forgive her but now I know my value and I can forgive her.Glory to Lord alone