Derek Prince | – The Doorway To Restoration

In this classic teaching, Derek shows how we can walk in God’s promise of restoration and identifies the proper doorway into that fulfillment.

About The Author

Derek Prince Derek Prince. Through our radio program, books, audio, and video it's our honor to carry on the work that Derek Prince began so well and loved so much. Use the links below to visit the Derek Prince International Office websites.

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Comment (47)

  1. i never understand people who spend their whole time on YouTube clicking thumbs down for such profound message as this. I am beginning to think its a mental illness of some sort. I mean how can one listen to such and excellent and useful message like this and click Thumbs Down. I pray for such people. You definitely need Jesus.

  2. Most gracious Heavenly Father, I enter into this fast and prayer time for the next 40 days.  I pray for my estranged relationship with my daughter Kristina of 20 years.  I am praying for a financial miracle with my new son-n-law that just had an ER visit with no Insurance.  I am believing that God will provide a way.  I know that there is a book that God want me to write to help others.  Even though God called my husband Steven home this past October of small cell lung cancer.  I believe that God has a purpose for me and that I am called to tell our story.  Lord that you might use our testimonies in a might way!  God you will receive the honor and the glory.  This life is about You and I serve a loving and a mighty God.  Lord see me through the days ahead and thank you Lord for your word!  thank you for the opportunity to worship and praise the might name of the Lord!  I love you and seek your will for my life!  I know that there are miracles waiting for me and I have a bold spirit that you gave me to evangelize!  Thank you Jesus for all you have done in my life and are going to do!  thank you for this message on fasting and prayer, we humble our self in your sight.  amen!

  3. Truly God has used the late Derek Prince in a Mighty Way to transmit and translate his Words of Knowledge , Understanding and Wisdom to Myself and Mother and the number of persons keeps on incrementing .. Thank God . Oh Holy God of Israel . I love you God Almighty !!!.

  4. I care so much about Derek teachings I have to be careful to not worhip him LOL 🙂 through all my years of following God I have never found anyone who has helped me so much or anyone who I find no fault in, that is, I have not yet spotted ONE false teaching, that is so rare, I mean most preachers stand on the shoulders of others so without knowing it they believe one or two things that are lies, it seems DP always searched the scriptures himself, what a blessing for us. I only wish I had found him sooner because before I was deceived.

  5. I write this with HOLYSPIRIT as Witness and Judge. Juanita Bynum as a child of the devil who is treacherously wicked and full of evil. Who hates The LORD JESUS CHRIST and His Father, who blasphemes The HOLYSPIRIT and feels no remorse over sin. And violates the bodies of people without apology. When you were told to repent of your sins, what did you say? Need I remind you? Need I remind you how you and your sister your fellow witch behaved? Do you know the penalty for deliberate wifull sin? You also state emphatically that the filthy abomination that is witchcraft is a gift of The HOLYSPIRIT. Your hatred for JESUS Is legendary so let me remind you what JESUS said about fools like you- 'that anyone who says that their filthy spirit is of The HOLYSPIRIT, will never be forgiven in this age or the age to come'. Have you ever felt sorry for the evil that you do and have become? The road to restoration without a broken heart and contrite spirit is not granted to anyone by The HOLYSPIRIT. And we know you will never repent. What about TB Joshua and his satanic partnership with you becos of his insatiable greed. You're a greedy covetous thief and a satanic sexual pervert who has never shown any mercy to anyone. GOD has cursed your satanic counterpart at 65 on April 6, 2018, has that stopped your evil wicked ways? You still continue and say restoration? By bribing GOD with your satanic filthy lucre you steal everyday? It's too late for you, when The HOLYSPIRIT says so… it is over. Why don't you tell the truth and tell the whole world what you do to me under the cover of darkness becos you think no one sees you. How you hack phones and internets and your other abominations you commit. The HOLYSPIRIT said, 'it's too late for you!' You are still going on because you think Satan sits on the throne and not The Most High GOD Who you despise and hate!

  6. This is the foundational teaching that was never given to me when I became a believer. Pastors today should not feel that any of this is irrelevant just because it didn’t happen to them like it happened for mr prince. He stated in his testimony what god called him to: Specifically to proper biblical teaching that imparts life changing truth. Give credit where it is due and build on that successful foundation. It doesn’t negate any function that a person has been called to presently. Someone like him is an inheritance within the saints. I am not embarrassed because I know his teachings benefit me. Too bad pastors today think there has to be something new to preach, teach, reveal etc….we don’t need musicians all the time either. I received this joyfully without all the pomp and circumstance at a local building. Wake up people.

  7. What a timeless word! The Christians in the USA still face a battle with increasing opposition. God help us gather together when we see Your mighty hand moving and enter into prayer and fasting for this nation. May “Your predestined purpose proves our free response according to Your foreknowledge“, amen.

  8. Dear brothers and sisters. Jesus forgives all your sins when you are saved. Jesus says so. We sin everyday in ways we don't know with resentments or what have you. You don't have to go back trying to remember every sin you've ever committed. Prince was a wonderful man but he's trying to lay things on you Jesus removed on the cross. We are all guilty of sins everyday that we don't even realize. Just do your best and repent as you go.

  9. Ooh, young Derek was pretty militant in speech style. Lol. I have gotten used to the older, calming Derek Prince over the years. I have yet to meet another Christian that has heard his name before, though. Honestly, it worries me; what doctrines abound within the church, if no one has heard of this man.
    But nevertheless..
    Thank you, God, for sharing Your servant, Derek Prince, with us. Holy is the Lord God.

  10. amen on the politics and their seeking destruction of GODs people .. ugh LORD HELP US > you dont realize its true ,, the enemy seeks to destroy rob steal and kill OH JESUS CALL YOUR TRUE CHURCH TO FASTING ,, AND hang HAMAN on his own gallows . CHANGE THIS SITUATION MM HEAL RESTORE AND REVIVE ,,