Derek Prince | – The Enemies We Face, Part 2 – The Nature of Witchcraft

In this probing four-part series, Derek Prince exposes the origin, structure and operation of the kingdom of darkness—and presents the keys to overcoming it victoriously.

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Derek Prince Derek Prince. Through our radio program, books, audio, and video it's our honor to carry on the work that Derek Prince began so well and loved so much. Use the links below to visit the Derek Prince International Office websites.

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  1. Lisus Yest' GOSPOD , Thank you God Almighty for using Derek Prince to minister your Divine Knowledge , Understanding & Wisdom onto My Mother , Myself and soon my Entire Family through your Holy Spirit .Thank you God for Your Rhema . Amen

  2. Lisus Yest 'GOSPOD. Спасибо Всемогущего Бога за использование Дерек Принс министру свой Божественный знание, понимание & Мудрость на моей матери, я и скоро вся моя семья, друзья даже врагов моих через Святого Духа .thank вы Бога за Рема. Аминь.

  3. Two minutes in and he says that witchcraft could be said to be the religion of fallen humanity. He's absolutely correct. Now, in early 2017, we get reports of black rituals done openly to harm our president. Satanists march in the streets. We also hear about politicians joking about sacrificing chickens to a pagan "god." It sounds too crazy to be true, yet it is.

  4. derek is trying to justify govt oppression of natives by saying its because they are primitive and into witchcraft. what an ass! sometimes he needs to keep his mouth shut on issues he knows nothing about.

  5. There aren't no greater
    Witchcraft employed by Satan today
    than TELEVISION & Smartphones
    All Celebrities Entertainers Actors and Politicians are COVERED with Demons
    that Manifest in Face-Formed Structures that can be Filmed and Photographed
    See my Channel
    These Demonic Principalities are TRANSFERABLE through the Optical Nervous System in Alpha-Wave Geometrical Patterns when viewed from the TELEVISION Smartphone Alpha-Beta-Wave Black Mirror TRANCE

  6. how long oh lord how long have mercy on us have mercy what are we without you forgive us father and show us the way to your holy anointed one Yeshua Hammashiach and let us be called after your love abba father we are just a breath in the wind, who can praise you from the dead hear our sorrows bring your light the light of your countenance shalom brothers and sisters pray steadfastly for the devil has come down to us with great wrath shalom

  7. great preacher, sad that he is not with us anymore. But his teaching will stay with us and many people will know god because of these godly preachers like Derek Prince, Billy Graham, Frank Hammond

  8. It's a shame that today's evangelicals are Liberal, Fundamental, or Grace Believers following Paul and his teachings. I refuse to believe there's no more tongues, miracles, or prophets! I'm studying the Word more or less on my own and soon here will ask the LORD to guide me to a Pentecostal Church, as through my own experience I see them as being more close to what I read and believe to be true for me. His "Declaring God's Word" inspirational devotional is very useful and full of interesting truths. May he rest with the LORD forever!