Derek Prince | – The Two Banquets

Invited to a wedding breakfast for God’s Son, the Jews were “too busy.” Now, as the age closes, Christians are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb. Will we also be “too busy”?

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Derek Prince Derek Prince. Through our radio program, books, audio, and video it's our honor to carry on the work that Derek Prince began so well and loved so much. Use the links below to visit the Derek Prince International Office websites.

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  1. To glorify any man above God and follow doctrines that do not align with scripture 100% is foolishness. Read your Bible daily and hear from God directly. Find a solid Bible based church and you will not fall for the subtle deceptions of Satan. Our adversary always comes as an angel of light, mixing truth with lies. Glorify Jesus and follow Him. Tremble in fear of a holy God who must not be misrepresented!

  2. I use to think like that/this, God says I am complete in Him /Christ and can do all things through Him:For truly is the truth. But when I heard someone else confess this for some reason Like this guy irritated me to hear it. Yeah well let's see it. But I also knew 2 Corinthians 4:18. Not to look on things seen but things not seen. Of course it's talking about what God says. Like let the poor say their rich, let the blind say they see, the sick say their healed. If you pay close attention to his attitude before Jesus you will see it creep up in his attitude after Jesus. We all have to fight and resist that old man and the demons that try to return and intice you to take up again what things Jesus circumcision cut off Colossians 2:12-13

  3. Today an unsaved and willingly a scoffer can take commentaries of the righteous, purchased at a Bible book store and become a Pastor and at the same time sit in the seat of Christ and oppose Him at the same time.
    Paul by the Spirit says to renounce the hidden things of dishonesty who walk in craftiness handling the word of God dishonestly but by manifestation of the truth appealing to every man's conscience SEE 2 Corinthians 2:17. 3:3-6, and 4:1-2.
    We should never scoff at the measure of faith anyone has arrived if so be it is truly THE FAITH, The One Faith which is Christ's Ephesians 4:5

  4. These messages are what believers need to hear… We've been blessed so much that we neglect how to be true followers of Christs… I' m even ashame to call myself one…pls help us Father God to meditate on Your words daily

  5. Heavens, listening to Bros Derek, shows up those pastors that do not preach the word of God, I am convicted am I working in the vineyard? Am I wasting my time YES!! Lord I am convicted!!! Oh dear oh dear!!!

  6. "And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled." Luke 21:24 Israel still under the rule of Gentiles, and those Jews are numbered like the rest of us. Sad how Christians worship Israel, it doesn't help the Jews any.

  7. Yes i need my wedding garment falling into materialism and getting engrossed in wordly things NO derek prince by this word of god and these parables has saved me from falling into a pit again Thank you Jesus