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Elevation Worship performing their single “Fullness” live.

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Fullness of eternal promise
Stirring in your sons and daughters
Earth revealing heaven’s wonders
Spirit come, Spirit come

What you spoke is now unfolding
All your children shall behold it
Dreams awaken in this moment
Spirit come, Spirit come

Pour it out
Let your love run over
Here and now
Let your glory fill this house

Now the world awaits your presence
And this power is within us
We will rise to be your witness
Spirit come, Spirit come

Tongues of fire
Testifying of the Son
One desire
Spirit come, Spirit come
Speak revival
Prophesy like it is done
One desire
Spirit come, Spirit come

Let our hearts continue burning
For our King is soon returning
As we hold to this assurance
Spirit come, Spirit come
Spirit come, Spirit come

Written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Matthews Ntlele
CCLI#: 7067557

[Verso 1]
La Plenitud de Tu Promesa
En tus hijos se revela
Trae el cielo a esta Tierra
Ven Señor, ven Señor

[Verso 2]
Que se cumpla tu Palabra
Que mis ojos hoy te vean
Que mis sueños se despierten
Ven Señor, ven Señor

Fluye hoy
Que Tu amor desborde
Ahora Dios
Con Tu gloria llénanos

[Verso 3]
Soy testigo de Tu gracia
Tu poder en mi habita
Sólo anhelo Tu presencia
Ven Señor, ven Señor

Es tu fuego
Lo que arde en mi interior
Mi deseo
Ven Señor, ven Señor
Dame vida
Santo Espíritu de Dios
Mi deseo
Ven Señor, ven Señor

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About The Author

Elevation Worship Elevation Worship is the worship ministry of Elevation Church based in Charlotte, NC. Our team consists of worship leaders and musicians who serve faithfully in the church every weekend to see people far from God be raised to life in Christ through the power of worship. We believe in writing and recording songs that lift up the name of Jesus and reflect what God is doing in and through the people of Elevation Church. Enjoy our channel and be sure to SUBSCRIBE for updates on the latest from Elevation Worship. For licensing questions, contact licensing@elevationworship.com

Comment (39)

  1. 2:31 Thou I Am spirit no one can see me just like the wind you feel it dont see it… My Spirit in My Children in them thus knows me will hear me in them.. Just as i am manifested in Jesus to them i come in my spirit. . Will be just like me… I am in you.. yee are in me

  2. When I mute this video…looks like I am watching a typical rock concert and being entertained…So disappointing …but the lyrics. My goodness…these lyrics though! Prophesy like it is done, SPIRIT COME! Haleluuuujah, Amen.