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  1. All you need is the ALMIGHTY GOD, the one who created, and made the whole world. HE can give life, power, money etc. Accept the LORD Jesus as ur LORD and personal saviour and u will have life everlasting. There is no other power. Try him.

  2. Original plans, thoughts and will of Almighty GOD the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is to hand over the Earth to One Man as King, Prophet and Priest of all Nation. This Gifts and Destinies, was first given to Adam to Abraham to Samson and last to David, but they all failed. I was Eight Years Old when Christ Jesus make a Covenant with Me, and hand over the Gifts and Destinies to Me, Ish 55:3-4. JESUS CHRIST gave Me the laws, commandments, statutes, testimonies and the reward, Ps 19:7-14. And warn that failure led to death of everybody, and earth destruction instantly. And reveal that, I, am the last chance for the Gifts. CHRIST always use Joseph in the Bible to encourage Me. So, No Rapture. CHRIST has found I, a Seed to Use, Rom 9:29, Mt 13:31-32. David call Me King, Ps 21, Ps 45, Ps 72. CHRIST call Me, Faithful and Wise Servant, Mt 24:45-47. The next plans and will of Almighty GOD for the creation is that, the World must have One government, currency and language, Mt 13:33. And also to have One Faith and Doctrine, Eph 4:13-14, 1Corth 13:10. All must be fulfill, failure of CHRIST plans fulfillment, led to heaven and earth destruction. CHRIST have found I, the Noah of Our generation. So No Rapture. As CHRIST is exposes I, HIS hidden agenda, lucifer and all its agents, and all evils is also expose this year, now is the time and season. CHRIST is working out the solution with I, HIS Bride. Ish 54:5, Rev 21:9. While, Am to work with CHRIST chosen Queens, Mt 25:1-13, Ps 45:9-15, Ps 139:16. So fear not, Lk 12:32. Rom 8:32.

  3. Jehovah Father of All, thank you it is by your Grace that we witness the Last Sunday in July. As we are entering the new month of August let your power of sufficiency be our lot and perform your wonders in Jesus name. Remain blessed Sir