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  1. _BigBang and Quran; "ÈNaM101; "AIIah created earth and spaces from ábsence,"  Thé result of the bigbang experiment in Cern; "matter, time and energy" occurred all at oncé. So the word "From absencè"

    The namè of Muhammed s.a.v writes in Indian holy books. The Last Kalki Autar is thè last prophet in indian holy books. The Last Kalki Áutar's names in indian holy books= Mahamed, Mamah,Ahmad, Mohámmad.
    Indian holy books are 3000-5000 years old.

    -The word "İRAM CiTY" on Ebla Tablets writes only in QURAN. (Fecr surah 6-8)  İram city doesn't write in the bible and torah.  Thesè tablets were written in 2500 BC..  So, 1500 years beforè the Torah

    -Keith L. Mooré, professor of embryology at the university of toronto; After éxamining the embryology sections of the Qurân; had to changé his own book. In the 1970s, this was the agendà in Canada

    Prof. Keith L. MooRe wrote a book caIIed "CLiNiCaL EmbRYoLoGy" with the information he found in the QuRaN. The newspapers in Canada threw headlines; "Amazing information found in a historic book"

    Read the answer part of the comment. There is very, very important information. All of these are document