Ernie Lassman | – Does a Christian need to belong to a church?

Pastor Lassman’s Lesson 12 – The Church
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Videos from the Adult Information Class on basic christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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Pastor Lassman Pastor Lassman. A class on basic Christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. JESUS was angry at the ones buying and selling in HIS FATHER'S HOUSE and said this that HE would tear down this temple, and in three days HE will raise it up." Do you not understand that JESUS HIMSELF is the temple and that HE sets HIS lost sheep in the churches made by HIS hands and that not of men to guard us and feed us and forgive us our sins until the day HE returns for HIS true church this is where one should be on the inside of HIS HOUSE not on the outside looking in . This is who JESUS is coming back for the church of CHRIST not those who worship to themselves for do you have the authority to baptize and also you need to eat HIS BODY and drink HIS BLOOD are you qualified to do so there are some who are worshippers and lovers of themselves and don't need JESUS but yet they show a form of godliness yet denying the the truth and from such they are called workers of iniquity this is why I go to church because I am and always will be a no good sinner for there is none righteous no

  2. I'm technically what you called a Lone Ranger but you aren't really looking at what the bible says. The church is not a building. The church is all the children of God. When I sit down and have bible study. Or talk with Christians at events or in groups I am with the church. I love all Christians. But I can't choose a physical building. Not because I don't want to. It's because so many churches teach false teachings. Don't truly follow Jesus. I tried to go to a church recently and they had 100 led tvs and a store in the church. While we have child poverty right here in Dallas. I was share the word and love all Christians. I am a part of the church when using the definition of church per it's original meaning. Not a lone wolf because I refuse to sit and Watch so many people searching for answers be lead a stray

  3. ekklésia is the Hebrew word for church. Which means a gathering or the ENTIRE GROUP OF CHRISTIANS. You do not have to belong to a physical church to be saved or to believe. A priest or pastor is no higher than you in Gods eyes so I can hold a gathering and worship God and preach the gospel. I preach and live the gospel openly. Not hiding. I just have yet to see a church I would ever want to "belong" to. Because I already belong to one. The entire body of Christians in the entire world. Who I love and reach out too. I worship with and I preach with. I'll visit a church occasionally. But not to listen to a pastor. But to meet Christians.

  4. I don't agree that it's absolutely necessary to belong to a church if one is a Christian. Paul for instance says that we are to avoid all false teachers (Romans 16:17,18) and therefore if the only churches available are heterodox ones which include false teaching, as is the case where I live in the UK, then one is under no obligation to attend a church. If fact it would be wrong to do so. Also all the churches I’ve investigated worldwide similarly in my view are heterodox churches. I know the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, which you belong to, claims to be a true visible church but I can't agree that it is. I would have been a member of the Lutheran church at the time of Luther, because I agree with the doctrines that Luther taught, but since that time Lutheranism has degenerated and become heterodox like other churches and denominations. In one of your videos you rightly say that a little bit of yeast (of false teaching) ruins the entire batch and taking that analogy I see the LCMS in that light. For instance in denying the truth of absolute predestination to both heaven and hell as Luther taught from Scripture (Romans 9) in his book The Bondage of the Will, the LCMS has adulterated the faith. Therefore were I living in the US I couldn't in all conscience be a member of your denomination.

  5. These videos are just as informative and great as they were 12 years ago.
    One of the problems facing the church today is that many people are not catechized (instructed) well. These videos by Pastor Lassman are short, informative and to the point.