Ernie Lassman | – How does God forgive our sins?

Pastor Lassman’s Lesson 9 – Justification
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Videos from the Adult Information Class on basic christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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Pastor Lassman Pastor Lassman. A class on basic Christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. You know what…the way she does it I'm not really too concerned that she's going to convine to many people that the KJV is the only version. She just says the same thing over and over again without any real proof or dialogue with people. You cannot discuss anything with such a person…

  2. Ok…let me concede your point for sake of argument. Why do you think that the KJV is the only right version? Was it given by God? It was translated by men…sinful men. So what makes that translation better? And I will not accept "because it was earlier than the others" That does prove it is better just becaue it is earlier. Did you know for example that the word "Hades" is in the greek but never shows us in the KJV. Why not? Were they unfaithful to the orginal greek? Pastor Lassman

  3. Dear did not answer the problem of why the KJV does have the word Hades (there is another word for "hell") Can you tell me the difference between hades and hell? And don't you understand that many people (most) don't like Shakespeare because the language is hard to understand? I don't want to be unkind but your logic just doesn't make sense. Just because something is still read does not mean that everyone likes it or it is easy to understand…

  4. Correct. Hades is the place for souls in death which are tormented until the day of the resurrection (Luke 16:19and following). Hell is the last day judgment day for the entire person, body and soul. But the KJV does not make that distinction for the word "Hades" does not show up but only the word "Hell"..the Greek words are "Hades" and "gehenna" but the KJV translates them both as "hell"…which makes it harder to understand the distinction between hades and hell…Pastor Lassman

  5. HI..I would agree that the Word is the PRIMARY means of grace…but not the only one. The Word also MAKES baptism and the Supper means of grace to..three means to give God's salvation..but all based on God's Word. Thanks….Pastor Lassman

  6. let me explain very clearly how god forgave sins jesus dyed on the CROSS to redeem all men. you are now trying to tell me that inst enough to save "ALL MEN" "for my own sake i shall save them" not one man will be plucked from his hand. you know little about gods plan of salvation hes already done it whether you believe or not its tough shit your saved god is losing nothing to Satan i can assure you

  7. Your arguments here are nothing but bigotry. Sounds like you are very Christ-like indeed with the last line of your response. I believe that you need to reexamine your faith and the bible. God made it clear that we need to become more saintly and we do this by means of grace. The 7 sacraments are "powers that comes forth" from the Body of Christ. I believe that you have a gravely oversimplified version of Christianity. I hope with the holy spirits guidance, you find the truth.

  8. there is no bigotory. if you dont think christs redeeming work on the cross was good enough to save ALL men thats fine its your decision in no way am i a bigot the lord will lose nothing to satan if you think he will, go tell him why you think blind men should be damed with devils. jesus came to show us ritghious judgement which is FORGIVE ALL MEN THERE TRESSPASSESS AND TO SATAN ASCRIbE ALL SIN. what part of all do you not understand.god loves ALL his children

  9. Im sorry, but this has no basis in the Bible. I am not sure where you get your facts. So you are telling me that Jesus took the rap for you and now you are free to do what you please (sin included) and you have earned you inheritence? Sorry please look to what was taught by Christ.

  10. of course is has basis its wrttin in the bible
    genisis 6 "sin is a deamon" and yes it will master you like god said.if you follow jesus teachings you will be free from sin, it has nothign to do with saving people or yourself christ has already done that "1John 4:14 And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world." so please tell me how you me or any other man can save themselves when christ alone is savouir?

  11. also no i dont go on freely sining and living a life after the flesh. i rejoice in the good news all men are saved and tell others about it like jesus tells us to do. maybe its you who needs to look at what waz taught by christ.

  12. I certaintly never said that Christ is not our savior. We do not save ourselves, but Christ also taught that we are not saved if we are in a state of mortal sin. That is the message of the Bible and the message of the true Church. God does desire that we all be saved, therefore cleansed of our mortal sins.

  13. Isaiah 48:9 For my name's sake will I defer mine anger, and for my praise will I refrain for thee, that I cut thee not off. 10 Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction. 11 For mine own sake, even for mine own sake, will I do it: for how should my name be polluted? and I will not give my glory unto another. 12 Hearken unto me, O Jacob and Israel, my called; I am he; I am the first, I also am the last.come on im getting tired now ALLMENSAVED

  14. If you really study scripture you would come to the understanding of the problems with imputed righteousness. This certainly is not a dominate theme in the NT.

    "Let no one deceive you. He who does what is right is righteous, just as he [Christ] is righteous" (1 John 3:7)

    One cannot make an arbitrary distinction between our legal standing before God and our communion with Him as our Father. Scripture does not teach that we have two relationships with God.

  15. Question: If God wanted to have it so we all went to heaven, why doesn't he just send us all to heaven? He created Sin, and he can get rid of it. So, when he "sends us to hell" he wants to, otherwise he wouldn't. So God is evil, then God is satan, so aren't you praying to Satan?

  16. @ARIESMYSTAR HI……..Quite frankly this is a bit too complicated to answer with the few words given in this block of space. Whatever the sin is…you cannot accept/defend it…you must hate it…wish to be rid of it and in sorrow confess it to God desiring His forgiveness for there is no forgiveness without repentance….and His forgiveness is given…not only through the Priest but also in your baptism and in the Eucharist…that's what the Eucharist is for…forgivnesss.

  17. uhm i have to say none of that makes any sense what so ever, a man can not die for the sins of the world, god does not accept human sacrifice. the goal of torah is to preserve life. God is not a man that he should lie. God has no equal apart from It there is no God. forgiveness existed before jesus, 1 Kings 8:48, jesus said not to call anyone father, Matthew 23:9…..preists are supose to be married and have children 1 Timothy 3:12 ….i know the bible do you?

  18. @nschaub whats your opinion on gays. if two men who love each other with all their hearts they are married and live the married life they try their best to be christians and they keep faith in Jesus are they going to hell? if they are is all men who married a wife after being divorced if they didnt divorse the second wife since they would be continuing to live in an adulterous relationship. im confused if being gay is a sin then why should gay people live at all or

  19. @bluemew88888 if a gay person chooses to live their few short years on earth why shouldnt they party their life away and just have all out fun do what ever they want they couldnt go to anyworse of a hell if they are going to hell anyways

  20. @rovingdesertfox You ask a good question………our feeling of forgiveness comes and goes………but our feelings are not important…….it's our faith that is important. We have saved by faith…not by feelings. there are times that I do indeed have the feeling of joy over my forgiveness………….but even without the feeling, I know I am forgiven………and that gives me peace….

  21. @rovingdesertfox Hi……..saved from sin, death, and eternal damnation…..this salvation is promised by the one true living God in His Son, Jesus Christ who established peace with God through the forgivenesss of sin by Jesus' death on the cross for the sins of the world, canceling the world's debt of sin. With sin paid for, death has become defeated because death is caused by sin. So, all who believe will be raised from the dead to live in a new world. Faith believes this and saves.

  22. I am Catholic and i wanted to asked a question
    What if a person ummm in middle school is in Special Ed and he doesn't know what sins is yet and he has done something he not proud of because he didn't think and he wishes he hasn't done them and does it still count as a sin for them and didn't know the Ten Commandment and Sins
    Thank you very much

  23. Is matervating consider a sin because i asked my health teacher about mastervating and i said why do people do it and she said
    "Matervating is a normal thing and when the Catholic said that if you matervate you lose part of your eye sight and I'm catholic and some of my friends are they matervate it and i done it a few times and i am really scare if matervating is a sin

  24. hi it me again my health teacher said that masturbation is not wrong its normal and it make you healthy that what she said and then she is talking about catholic that they are just trying to scare you and then don't do it and you know you lose part of your eyes sight and please i just want to know is masturbation is a sin please I've also been searching and there been answer that said it is and is not is natural

  25. Hi…..thanks for your comments…………there is more than one Lutheran Church in the U..S.A. I belong to the Lutheran Church Missosuri Synod (LCMS). And there is no plan or desire to join the Roman Catholic Church. Let me know if you have more questions…..Pastor Lassman