Ernie Lassman | – Should infants be baptized?

Pastor Lassman’s Lesson 10 – Baptism
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Videos from the Adult Information Class on basic christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. This lecture by this man was a waste of time. Because 75% of churches baptize babies does not make it right. He admits its not in the Bible.Then he also admits that the Bible is silent about Infant Baptism. Then why speculate what is not in the Bible.Mark 16:16. Jesus said "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned" Catholicism is another cult. It has so many errors and i wonder what their fate will be on the Final Day.. Only God knows

  2. Just because 75% of christians baptise babies and it has been around for a long time does not make it right. It is not biblical full stop. Baptising Babies came out of the catholic church just like praying to Mary. We all agree hailing Mary is wrong so why is baptising babies right? Mark 16:16 says whoever Believes will be baptised.

  3. There is no where in the bible that talks about baptising babies. Jesus himself was baptised as an adult understanding the time and hour of his mission. Baptism is a symbol not exactly a power. All four of your points are taken out of biblical context and you are basically just connecting bible verses to make a point.

  4. All a baptized baby does is get wet. Jesus said you must be born of the water and the Spirit or you can't enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Being born of the Spirit denotes a spiritual change within the heart. Yes infant baptism has been around a long time but that doesn't make it right. Paul foretold this falling away from the Truth of the gospel in 1 Tim. 4:1-3. Now lets see, who is it that started that thing about celibacy which contradicts 1 Tim. 3:2 which says BISHOPS MUST BE MARRIED.

  5. So Being saved is every thing about what *you* do and is not a power of God? God has the capability of saving Babies and changing our hearts without our help or consent. You have placed God in a box. One that does not make his promises true or Him all powerful.

  6. The difference between Baptizing babies and worshiping Mary is HUNDREDS of years. The early church never worshiped Mary. The early church was founded by the very disciples that followed Christ. What they did, and how they worshiped is very important.

  7. Man has a free will which enables one to choose what path they will go. Babies don't need to be saved because they are not lost until they come to a knowledge of sin. Read Rom. 7:9. If a baby dies unbaptized it goes straight to heaven. Do you actually think that a righteous and just God would send a baby to hell who died unbaptized? Babies don't know enough to have faith or not have faith. They are completely dependant on whoever is raising them.

  8. You are using the DEscriptive text (Acts) over the PREscriptive texts (Paul or Peter). Peter and Paul talk about "the whole world", "all nations", "whole families and households are baptized" and "this promise is for you AND your children Acts 2:42)" where people like you point to a single adult being baptized and base your entire argument around THAT. Salvation is by Grace Alone, it is NOT a choice of your will.

  9. Plus, if it is God that chooses who and who will not be saved and we have no choice in the matter, then He would save all of us and no one would go to hell. 2 Peter 3:9 and 1Tim. 2:4 tell us that but man is a special creation of God who was given a free will when created. Otherwise Adam and Eve wouldn't have chosen to disobey God in Eden since God would have controlled their every thought.

  10. You fail to mention (or simply looked over the fact for lack of understanding) that Catholic Bishops ARE married to the Bride of Christ. Able to serve Her however and when ever for the goodness of all His people.

  11. My apologies for coming on too strong. Sometimes I act like a know it all. All I know is what the bible says. If you get a chance read 1 Tim. 3:2 and Titus 1:6-7. As far as I can understand all Christians are part of the church which is the bride of Christ. If you read the above verses, it says a bishop MUST be the husband of one wife in addition to being a member of the church which is the bride of Christ. In other words, Paul used the word "must" not maybe or not.

  12. Plus, in addition to that, a bride only has one husband. The husband of the Church is Christ Himself and not man. Otherwise that would be an adulterous relationship would it not? Just as the husband is the head of the wife so Christ is the head of the Church and not man. Eph. 5:23 Christ is our high priest. Heb. 4:14-16 and His Word is the authority and not men's words and traditions. John 12:48 Jesus said, "In vain do they worship me teaching for doctrine the traditions of men."

  13. You can read the bible all you want, but if you dont take it in the correct context, you will misrepresent. I know the scriptures, the Catholic church is deep in them. I dont think you came off too strong…. just wanted to clear up the fact that you misrepresented the context of the bishop. It is important to take scriptures in their entirety, not pick and choose. I know many Non-Catholic have a lot of questions, so it is good to keep asking as it brings you closer to the truth.

  14. So Paul didn't mean that a bishop must be the husband of one wife in 1 Tim. 3:2 & Titus 1:6? "A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good character, given to hospitality, apt to teach." "If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children, not accused of riot or unruly." I don't know when celibacy came along but I don't think it was a doctrine of the 1st century church. Plain as dirt to me. How do you interpret 1 Tim.4:1-3?

  15. I said already that bishops ARE spiritually married to the Bride of Christ, to love & serve w/ an undivided heart. Do you know the difference btw the divided & undivided heart? So in divine terms, the bishops are husbands. Please see what Paul teaches about the married/unmarried in 1 Cor 7 27-34. Scripture contains many references to those unmarried for the sake of the serving God. The priesthood is a divine office that Christ gave to man to serve with his whole undivided heart.

  16. So God allows those who are still fundamentally sinners into Heaven??? I thought to be in Heaven and to be with God there has to be a certain equality (just like friendship is only truelly spoken of between equals). Since God is perfect, so will we need to be… Mt 5:48 Col 1:22. This is a profound mystery, but it seems like it has to be.

  17. This lecture is quite good. The point about the 75% is to give strength to the audience (knowledge that you have the vast majority on your side gives strength). There are lots of things not in the Bible that Christians believe in… the Bible (canonical books) itself isn't defined in scripture, the Trinity, what constitutes the sacrament of marriage, baptism, etc.

    The once saved always saved thing doesn't make sense, If I accept Jesus, then reject Him, then die, I die having rejected Christ.

  18. The Priesthood of Christ is a fulfillment of the priesthood of the Old Covenant – Typology + Christ didn't come to abolish the law, He came to fulfill it. The Priest is celibate because – union with Christ the Head, spiritual fatherhood, Eschatological witness, practical considerations. It is a sacrifice, but it is one of great joy.

  19. Hi….I made that comment in 2006 when the video was made and was speaking off the top of my head…….I was thinking about Polycarp and the Martyrdom of Polycarp …..where he says, as he is approaching death, that he had served his Lord for 86 years… implication of infant baptism..and also Iranaeus who mentions Polycarp four times and that infants are counted among those who have been born again (Heresies ca 185 AD)..

  20. We could probably write a book back and forth debating weather infants should be baptized. (as I don't believe in infant baptism) But if anyone believes that infants are lost if they die unbaptized that is simple ungodly thought. Why because you and I were lost and saved by the 2 adams, Jesus and Adam. We had nothing to do with it. We can accept one or the other when we can make that decision. Before that we are …… lost by the disobedience of Adam and saved by the mercy of God. Nothing of our own doing.

  21. One thing I know for sure is that the Bible speaks about what will happen to anyone who add to his word or taking away what is said. Beware of false prophets too. Whoever is not written in the book of life will be cast out. I would follow God's word. If he didn't say, I wouldn't add in it.

  22. No where in the bible does it SAY that only adults should be baptized or that babies should NOT be baptized…..those are thoughts that are READ INTO the bible by those who are against infant baptism 
    ….I gave biblical reasons FOR Infant babtism.

  23. Dear Pastor, I heard some of your teachings on youtube and those were good, but I cannot agree with this point of view, Bible clearly says that a person must repent before getting baptised (Acts 2:37,Acts 8:37), Infants does not know who is Jesus & for what He died , so please rectify yourself… Thank You 

  24. It amazes me how Lutheran's, Catholics, etc. Cannot understand that it's the Eastern Orthodox Church , which is the Apostolic Church has everything you need to know…everything CAME OUT OF THIS CURCH…RESEARCH and you will see…from day one..peace

  25. Pastor Lasserman, you are very funny, here is why below:


    Pastor Lasserman, here is why YOU are so FUNNY, "YOU CLAIM" all these "THINGS" you mentioned above developed in the Catholic Church between the year 500 and 1000, here, comes the HILARIOUS PART, FACT IS, YOUR LUTHERAN CHURCH "BEGAN"  IN THE 1500 Century!!! ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED YEARS LATER.  LOL LOL LOL  That being truth, should people  who watch this silly video not listen to YOU and Your Lutheran Church, or any other protestants churchsssss because it came 1500 plus, plus, plus, years later???

    Pastor Lasserman, I be waiting for your answer, in regarding why should anyone who listens to you, should believe in YOUR Lutheran / Protestant Church that BEGAN NOT IN THE 500 NOT IN 1000, BUT IN THE 15TH CENTURY / 1500 YEARS LATER???  

  26. RE: Infant Baptism:  

    Many Protestants believe that a baby can't be baptized because they need to confess their sins in order to be baptized.  Well it is all LIES LIES LIES of satan.  Well, I will show you how wrong or better yet the Lord Himself will show you that you are WRONG!!!  

    Tell me, what sins did Our Lord Jesus Christ CONFESS AND REPENT OF in order to be BAPTIZED???  The answer is NONE, Jesus Christ needed not to CONFESS ANY SINS IN ORDER TO BE BAPTIZED BECAUSE HE NEVER SINED AND YET WAS BAPTIZED, to full fill all righteousness. 

    The same with Infant Baptism, they need not CONFESS THEIR SINS,AND NO NEED OF REPENT OF because Babies, they are not in  the age of accountability of any actual sins committed. they only need to be baptized and welcomed and be part of the Lord's Family.

  27. All baptizing a baby does is get it wet. Infant baptism saves no one. If a baby dies before it reaches the age of accountability, it goes to Heaven. (See Rom. 7:9) In Acts 2;38, they were told to repent and be baptized after they believed the gospel for the remission of sins. In Acts 22:16, Paul was told to be baptized in order to wash away his sins. He first had to believe and repent or that baptism would have been pointless. A baby has no sins to wash away because it is not held accountable by God until it reaches the age of accountability. (See Ezekiel 18:20. Romans 7:9)

  28. To my Roman Catholic brothers and sisters: Rejoice in the criticism, doubt, rebuffs, the misunderstanding, the ignorance of our detractors,the misinformed, and all that
    we suffer from our non-catholic brothers and sisters….rejoice ! Because who suffered as we do today?……Our Lord and Saviour who asked us to take up our cross and follow Him. Pray for our critics and thank God for the opportunity to forgive them and hope they continue to worship and serve God in their own traditions without judging others lest they be judged. ( thats in the Bible, by the way )
    Praise God and thank Him for we ALL receive more blessings than we truly deserve ( meditate on that )
    Let me repeat : We ALL receive more blessings than we truly deserve.
    Cast not the first stone! ( also Biblical )

  29. I like your videos but idk if I can agree. Baptism in the bible is a volunteering acceptance of Jesus Christ. Babies can't make that voluntary decision. I was baptized as a baby but I want to be baptized again. I think baptizing babies is good for parents. Their way of accepting this baby and promising you will raise the baby to follow Jesus. But as the baby gets older he should do so on his own

  30. i advise you Pastor Lassman to read Act:36 And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized? 37 And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. So don't you think someone needs to believe before they baptized???

  31. Hey Pastor Assman, so if you want to tell me that infant baptism (by sprinkling or pouring of water on the head) is "scriptural", are you also willing to try to convince me that believers baptism BY IMMERSION (the ONLY mode of baptism practiced in the New Testament) is UNSCRIPTURAL????? QUIT DECEIVING PEOPLE WITH THIS INFANT BAPTISM LIE!! You are a total jerk. And not only that, but in this 6+ minute video, you didn't lay out a single Bible verse to defend your stance on infant "baptism", which really isn't even a baptism at all, at least not according to what is in the scriptures! One of the best things I ever did in my life was to leave the Lutheran Church in 1984, and this was part of the reason why I did so. And I NEVER went back!!!!

  32. it's like saying where does Jesus say im god worship me. demanding specific quotes like saying where does it say "don't baptise babies" is ridiculous . just like it doesn't specifically say "don't watch porn" the Bible doesn't need to specifically say "don't baptise babies" it's for remissions of sins babies are without sin. read your Bibles, salvation is at stake don't let pride get in the way god bless

  33. I wish you would spend some time and seek the face of the Lord for some understanding of the scriptures. Your doctrine is from the catholic. There is no where in the scriptures where it is instructed that a baby should be baptized. Whether people has been doing this practice for many years dont make it right. Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins. The baby cannot repent. Your teaching is not from the Lord.

  34. Other religions emphasize a second baptism just to differentiate their religion from others. All you need is one baptism. It doesn’t matter if your an infant or an adult Jesus really wouldn’t care and he would be aghast that denominations are squabbling about this. All you need is faith in Jesus Christ is your savior and your good to go. It’s not that complicated.

  35. Get baptized in your purest state as infant when you are entitled to fully receive Jesus. It is not desirable to wait to accept Jesus after bad thoughts, greed, selfishness, or sexual desire enter into your mind.