Ernie Lassman | – The Rapture and the Millennium Part 2

Pastor Lassman’s Lesson 15 – More Last Things
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Videos from the Adult Information Class on basic christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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Pastor Lassman Pastor Lassman. A class on basic Christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. "Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together FIRST the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn." (Matthew 13:30)

    God bless,

  2. the harlot is the roman cathlic church.

    the whore is dressed in purple and red. with pearls and gold.mmmm I wonder wat church has that image???
    jesus said you'll know them by their fruits look at all the kids the priest rape!

  3. Both the Pre-Trib/Premillennial people are wrong, AND this guy is wrong!

    The millennium will be a literal time period, but not on earth. The reign will be in heaven. First Resurrection of the righteous at the beginning of 1000 years at Second Advent, remaining wicked destroyed by brightness. At the end of the millennium, all the saints return with Christ with the New Jerusalem. Wicked are resurrected to face the Second Death in Lake of Fire. Earth is then remade new. Earthly reign commences.

  4. Hi…….I thought I explained this in the video but maybe you did not hear that section ………..Death is not normal in the sense that God never wanted us to die………….sin brought death into the world………….God has now defeated death with the death and resurrection of His Son and when He returns and takes us to the new world called Eternal Life………….death will be no more………..

  5. Love your insight!(Hoping you will answer this) Now… As one of your students said, and you seemed to agree that the ones "taken" first i.e "One shall be taken, and one shall be left" considering the Devil knows scripture very well, that when he appears wouldn't he promise to "rapture" "His Church"(deceived true Christian believers in him) And so the ones left are actually the TRUE believers in Christ waiting when he comes in glory and by the brightness of his coming then squash the devil?

  6. Thank you so much for your answer. I guess I'm making an amalgamation of two different passages. Matt 24: 40,41. And 1 Thessalonians 4: 16, 17. In the messy business where "Pre" trib rapture theorists say that WE are outta here BEFORE Christ's second coming, of which we know that there is only ONE return of Christ, not a "secret" rapturing before. "Couldn't" the Devil use this scripture to fool rapture believers? Considering he twisted scripture with Jesus after his tempting in the desert?Thanks

  7. Additional question to my previous post: So what is the connection between Matt 24: 40,41. When 1 Thess 4:17(specifically 17) That we that are ALIVE and REMAIN have in connection with Matt 24: 40,41? So… WHO is TAKEN and WHO is left? And… by whom? The righteous? Or the deceived? Thank you again! Love your teaching!

  8. Hi…..if we assume that both passages are talking about the same event then 1 Thesss 4:17 makes is absolutley clear that believers are "caught up… meet the Lord in the air". Since Scripture interpets Scripture we must allow 1 Thess 4: 17 control the understanding of Matthew 24…those taken are those who will "meet the Lord in the air". Those left behind are not saved. Nor do they continue on this earth which will be destroyed at His coming. Thus He "gathers His elect".

  9. Thank you again Pastor! So, I guess my question is(considering that Satan is a master deceiver and can twist scripture as he did with Our Lord in the desert) COULDN'T Satan appear as coming as the Bible says Christ will return? (the whole "Coming in the clouds" bit) And hence, fool true believers by promising that He is here to "Fly to save they're souls? Ezekiel 13. Also, have you watched "Messages from Heaven" video? These "supposed" apparitions of Mary?

  10. Hi……Yes Satan is the master deceiver…….and twists Scripture……but Satan uses people to deceive….he will not put on some cosmic display….other than false miracles through false teachers as Ezekiel 13 is about false propehts/teachers. If I understand your word "COULDN'T" properly this is speculation……we can't form doctrine from speculation……only bible passages. And not I have not see the video. Thanks!

  11. Thanks again Pastor! I for one would attend every one of your adult information classes if I lived in your neck of the woods, but alas I live in Chicago. Where would you suggest I attend or go to "correctly" study the Bible? i.e. Divinity studies. I obviously wouldn't choose Moody Bible institute as they teach the rapture doctrine. Hope you can help me. Thanks again and God Bless!

  12. HI…well, I can't recommend anything but a Lutheran Seminary! And you would have to be a member of the Lutheran Church and with all the qualificaitons to do that……If you give me your zip code I could recommend a Lutheran Church for you!

  13. Here are two churches to try in this order: 1) St John's Lutheran 4939 Montrose Ave Chicago Pastor Heinz 773-736-1112 and 2) St James Lutheran 2050 N Freemont St Chicago Pastor Donovan 773-549-1615. Tell them Pastor Lassman of Messiah in Seattle sent you…don't know if they know me…..but they can always look me up. Let me know if you have questions and how things go!

  14. Once again, thank you Pastor Lassman! It means so much to me to be in your thoughts and prayers and I for you of course. (And I promise this will be my last comment/question for you. Lol!) But will you please watch "Messages from Heaven" and tell me your thoughts? Could this be part of the grand deception perpetrated by Satan? Especially since Catholics(I was raised Catholic, but no longer) believe in "Marian" worship? Btw my name is Sean. God bless… and thanks again!

  15. just watched every episode. and just like the roman catholic church. there is nothing but back and forth..say one thing then a totally different thing but beleive both?… double edged sword. is god all loving? all forgiving? or is he a strict father and punishes and demeans? back and forth..back and forth.. satan was thrown outta heaven right? cast away from god to never bath in his glory again because of his where has he been all these years?? also..why would god give his fallen jealous angel as much power as he?? back and forth.. if u ask for forgiveness u will sit with god after death.. but.. because jesus died for us we are accepted into gods graces…soooo??? why ask for forgiveness?. i think its high time to get ALL THE SCROLLS from all religions translate it properly..(not put words into the proverbial apostles mouths and all holy writing before them.. write exactly what is written and all of it. i beleive in God in Jesus christ. i also beleive in the god from all other original and acient religions. so im not closed mindedcat all. i really would love someone to explain it to me and tell me exactly where the lessons are in the bible. im confused by ALL THE CONTRADICTIONS. love oneself as if your gods temple, love one another as if they are gods son, love thecearth fore it is our gift from god. respect, love, treat with kindness. give all u have so another can feel happiness or fullilled, rejoice in the happiness and sing of glory in the sadness. for that is our gift from jesus christ, from our god. question everything and beleive all that is good. do not judge the fool but do not pardon the sickened evil souls of those who do not have light in their hearts and souls. but learn from them and all.