Ernie Lassman | – What does it mean we are saved by faith not by works?

Pastor Lassman’s Lesson 9 – Justification
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  1. If I am saved through my faith then why should I do any good works. THere is no point. I am saved so I might as well go out there and have sex with as many women as possible, sell drugs and not work. I am saved. I am going to heaven. So I can do whatever I want

  2. Self righteousness is a danger that you can fall into if you do good works. The devil will certainly tempt you with this new temptation if you begin good works. However, it does not have to be the case. Jesus performed plenty of good works. And he remained humble. (not self righteous) And I believe He wanted us to imitate Him. His Golden rule: "Love one another as I have Loved you." SO to imitate Christ, I must perform good works. (How can you love one another without good works?)

  3. Pastor Lassman, I am lutheran as well. I totally agree with you. I can't stand when someone says, " you need to ask jesus to save you" or you need to choose jesus. I get it, we do not ask jesus to save us, all we need to do is receive this gift from God. Although, do you not believe that at some point we have to "choose" to allow ourselves to let our faith grow into salvation?

  4. hi pastor, I posted a comment yesterday as well as you can see below. I just wanted to be clear. I would like for you to explain how we, as lutherans do not have to decide to accept jesus. Thank you!!!!

  5. HI…this is a question of understandidng the words correctly. If you mean that no one can be saved without faith in Jesus Christ that is true. The issue is with the word "decide"….Yes, of course to be saved you must believe in Jesus. The key question is where do you get the POWER to believe? ("to decide"?) Here you only have three choices: 1) All the power is from you. 2) It's a combination of power from you and God 3) All the power is from God….and this is the biblical answer.

  6. Before we are converted we have no power in spiritual matters at all. But after we are "born again" we have spirutal powers and in a sense can "cooperate" with the Holy Spirit. But even here we must be careful to note that even our new man in Christ still needs the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Word and Sacraments…Pastor Lassman

  7. hi pastor, Thank you so much for replying. I hope I am no bother to you but I am trying to better understand. I have enjoyed all of your videos. So, tell me if I am wrong, but I think what you are trying to say is that we, our flesh, has no part in our salvation, that God gives us the power (holy spirit) to decide to accept jesus. Not by our own doing without God I think at first I thought your 3 choices below were all 1 answer, but I think you were giving me multiple choice. thanks again!!

  8. Hi..right .the key question is where do we get the power/ability to "respond" to God? And the answer is from God alone..and that's what it means to be saved by is all God's doing as even our faith is given to as a gift from God…thanks…Pastor Lassman

  9. There are 4 types of works in the N. Test:
    1. works of the law of Moses(Gal.2:16)
    2. works of the flesh(Gal. 5:19-21)
    3. works of merit(Titus 3:4-7)
    4. works of obedience of faith(James 2)
    We are not saved by the first 3 types. But we must have works of obedience of faith! Believing is a "work of God"-Jn. 6:29. Baptism is a "work of God"-Col. 2:12. Nowhere in the bible do we read of "faith alone." Faith encompasses belief, repentance, confession, and baptism.

  10. It is NOT all God's doing!! We must obey Him to receive His grace!! Obeying God is not counted as a "work of merit." James 2 teaches of works of obedience. You have works of merit and works of obedience confused. If I gave you a check for $1000 as a gift, you'd still have to go to the bank to cash it!! But does that mean you earned it?? The same is true with God's gift of salvation. There are different types of works listed in the N. Testament.

  11. God commands us to believe(John 3:16), repent (Luke 13:3), confess(Rom. 10:10), and be baptized (Mark 16:16). "Faith" encompasses "obeying" God's commands! These are not "works of our own merit." As I mentioned in my previous comment, they are "works of God." We do not "earn" our salvation by obeying God's commands!! Please don't confuse works of merit with works of obedience to God. By obeying God we receive his GIFT of grace. Please comment back if you would like.

  12. many works of obedience do you have to do before yoiu are saved? The works we do before faith or after faith do not add to what we have through faith in Christ because only Jesus Christ saves us ("it is finished") and faith is the only way to receive what he has done because it is a promise from God..Pastor Lassman

  13. I'm sorry but I disagree. Nowhere in the bible is the term "faith alone" found. The Bible plainly states that we must believe, repent, confess, and be baptized FOR remission of sins. By doing these "works of God"(John 6:29, Col. 2:12), we are being obedient to God's commands for salvation-we are not earning it by works of merit. Baptism "washes" away sins(Acts 22:16). It is by God's grace that he gave us the gift of salvation, but we must obey His commands in order to receive it.

  14. I agree with John 3:16. But what about 1 Peter 3:21, Rom. 10:10, Luke 13:3? How can you take only the verse on belief, and ignore the scriptures on repentance, confession, and baptism? We have to obey ALL of God's commands! One could read 1 John 4:7 and conclude that all one has to do to be saved is love! Just because baptism is not mentioned in John 3:16 doesn't mean it's void. Believing is not mentioned in 1 Pet. 3:21 but baptism is, does that mean we don't have to believe?

  15. You have to obey the commands (not works of merit) of GOD to be saved: believe, repent, confess, and be baptized. I never said I was saved by works of my own doing. True faith in God is an OBEDIENT faith (Rom. 1:5). Why do you confuse God's commands with works of merit?? James 2:19-"even the demons believe, and shudder." We are not saved by belief alone. Matt. 7:21-"not everyone who says, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who DOES the will of My Father…"

  16. HI..we are saved by faith alone and all those things you talk about (obdience) show that we have true saving faith…just as James says: :"show me your faith without the works and I will show you my faith by my works" (2: 18)…As I said, faith alone saves, but faith is never alone…Pastor Lassman

  17. It appears to me that you are contradicting yourself…faith alone saves, but faith is never alone??? Please explain Acts 2:37-38: The Jews BELIEVED they had crucified the Son of God, but they still asked, "WHAT MUST WE DO?" The answer: REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED FOR REMISSION OF SINS. You MUST be baptized BEFORE your sins are forgiven!! Baptism does NOT show we already have salvation! We are baptized INTO Christ (Galatians 3:27).

  18. Hello, I have been trying to follow the conversation you have been having, but youtube jumps around & makes it rather difficult to follow. From what I have read, your stance has been flawless. We of course know that salvation is NOT by faith alone & the bible is chalk full of references proving that. Just wanted to show my support to a fellow member in faith. It is great to know that Christians are making an attempt at understanding Scripture as it was intended.

  19. Please refer to Galatians where Paul explains we are saved by faith working in love. Sola fide is not the message of the bible, & its crucial that Christians understand that. We need to understand Gods covenantal bond not as a contract. "Reformer" taught the idea that God is the judge of the courtroom & we are all guilty, but the convenant means sonship. God makes fatherly judgements & we are His children. A father never says dont sacrifice bc you get the inheritance by just being in the family.

  20. I know we wont agree but sola fide is NOT in the bible. Luther added the word ALONE in Romans. Proverbs 30:5-6
    SImply put, you cant say faith alone saves, but faith is never alone. Salvation is by faith working in love, not the quantitative number of works you do & its ridiculous Lutherans pose a ? of how many you have to do bc quantifying it just shows the legal courtroom scene just as Luther incorrectly viewed salvation. In the new convenant we really take part in sonship NOT a legal sense.

  21. Im not confused at all, why are you? James says we are justified by faith & works & Galatians tells us we are justified by faith working in love. Not faith alone, whats your confusion? Justification is NOT by a Roman courtroom, IT IS by a Hebrew family where God is a loving judgemental father guiding His children to maturity thru what we do. Book of Hebrews tells us to work out salvation in fear & trembling so we dont become prodigal sons. Note I never said we are justified by works of the law.

  22. Again, never did I say we are justified by works of the law. This is the problem w/ protestants that want to make a straw man of the Catholic church & why I correct the errors of thinking. What I hope to achieve…understanding. Christ calls us to go preach the word & tell the truth. Truth ISNT objective unless you dont have the fullness of truth. You cant dismiss other portions of scripture that tell us we need to work out our salvation. Pisteus monon is in the Greek once refuting your claim.

  23. Ah what you must mean is the sale of indulgences which was a corrupt practice yes, however doctrine of the faith was just fine, nothing to change there. Practice needed changed yes, but changing doctrine is going too far. Adding words to scripture that werent there to begin with, a big no no. Ignore parts of scripture just to focus on something better understood, an idea of the protestants. Dont like what the preacher is saying, fire him & find us someone that tells us what we want to hear.

  24. @mostly4moderate you wrote: "You can thank us later for removing indulgences from your menu of spiritual "options". Or was that by profound revelation?"

    I thought the video is about refraining from being arrogant and claiming credit when you absolutely have no reason to.

  25. @bob21294 Works come out of faith!! His love/our response! If a person truly believes in Christ as their Savior then that person wants to do those things which would please Him. And he/she would do so not to earn grace, but because of God's mercy and grace given by Christ. Why do Catholics come here to constantly argue? If we each believe Christ died for our sins and rose again to win Heaven for us—what is the problem? Do you believe this? In Christ alone is salvation, friend. -Alexa

  26. You are confused by the language "Catholic Church"…that can be used in one of two ways. It can refer to the 1) ROMAN Catholic Church which was a slow development starting in the 6th Century and then became more visible in 1054 AD with the split with the EASTERN Catholic Church……….but "Catholic Church" can also refer to the UNIVERSAL Church……..and THAT was started by Jesus……..soo, the ROMAN Catholic Church is a PART of the CATHOLIC Church along with all other Christians.

  27. The Pope…….and those around him. Before the 6th Century AD the Pope did not have the kind of power that he has now. It's a long story but with the destruction of the Roman Empire the Bisop of Rome stepped in to fill the power vacauum left behind in Rome…… he not only took on great Church Powers but also Political Power and becasue this all developed in the famous city of Rome his influence/prestige grew…and grew and gree……the Martin Luther came along one thousand years later

  28. real faith is to believe in the love of God for you personally. Believe is to know there is God but not believe that in his love for you. When you trust in Jesus you, you rely on Him. Many "believe" but rely on themselves. And ultimately believe that calvary was necessary, otherwise it is a different religion, a different Gospel. Works are only good works when they are synonymous with faith in the love of God for us. So it is always faith in His grace.

  29. The entire provision for salvation is an expression of God's undeserved kindness. There is no way that we, descendants of Adam can gain salvation on our own, no matter how noble our works are. Salvation is a GIFT from God given to those who put faith in the sin-atoning value of the sacrifice of his Son.
    The kind arrangement that comes through Christ Jesus and that takes account of faith is the gift. It is through this arrangement rather than by works of the law that salvation was to come to those manifesting faith in it. So the entire arrangement for Christian salvation was by God's undeserved kindness, and through faith in it rather than faith in works under the law are Christians saved. The divine arrangement without individual faith in it would bring no salvation to individuals. The two go together; and with the gift of everything that is embraced in God's arrangement he also provides the means of having the necessary faith in the arrangement. The arrangement places a value on faith so that salvation results. We must use the means to get faith.