Ernie Lassman | – What is the most important teaching of the Bible?

Pastor Lassman’s Lesson 9 – Justification
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Videos from the Adult Information Class on basic christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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Pastor Lassman Pastor Lassman. A class on basic Christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. HI..The Gospel was planned before God created the world, Jesus was planned before He created the world and the O.T. is all about Jesus coming. Jesus is the image of God…The Gospel was preached to Abraham (according to Paul).. God's love cannot be separated from the Gospel or known except by the Gospel..even the O.T. which was all about the Gospel…but that's OK…I understand what you are trying to say…but you just don't get what I am saying..but that's ok..

  2. You can't give forgiveness until you receive it. . .this is the atonement offered by Yashua. His message is Father God (Yahweh) Loves each of us as He Loves Yashua (Christ) . . . God is your Father, you are His Son . . . sin, sickness and death are overcome by His Love . . . Rejoice and give thanks because God has placed His Value in you, revealed through Yashua our Brother~Selah

  3. @stepchangeable Silly child, that's what religion is. Overcoming our base instincts for the good and benefit of others. We are capable of it b/c of our connection with the ulitmate good and our maker, God. Otherwise, we would be like the animals. Incapable of rising above our animal natures. Read and reflect more about this.

  4. "Forgiveness" is a difficult but still necessary element of a human's personal, psychological health.

    No Religion, particularly Christianity, has a monopoly on the concept.

    Making "forgiveness" the property of God/Jesus only adds other levels of separation from and complexity of a fairly simple concept.

  5. @nlperpave Hi……..forgiveness WITH GOD comes only in Jesus Christ because only Jesus Christ has taken care of the problem between God and man: he was punished for the sins of humanity and canceled the debt of sin. No one else has done that. That's why forgiveness WITH GOD comes only in Jesus Christ.

  6. What is this – a lesson in Morality For Simpletons….?

    Meanwhile, Man requires no God to make a forgiveness-decision. Further, Man requires no forgiveness from God.

    According to The Bible, that Cosmic Prick is a psychopath and his kid – the stupid, credulous masochist – is yet willing to assist people into everlasting torture.

    A sado-masochistic dream come true. None of this is healthy… at any level.

  7. @bigboy45454545 Well no that's not the most important teaching………….how we are saved in Jesus Christ is the most important teaching. But you are right ……………..pedophile priests is a horrible sin and scandal…and just so that you know…I am not a Roman Catholic Priest…….I am a pastor in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod..

  8. @bigboy45454545
    Yeah? You should learn what is to respect someone…
    I dont Know if everyone here does this, but, iam a christian, i dont force anyone into my belives, and i dont disrispect anyone for his race or creed.
    Once, i was an Atheist, and i respected every christian, now you come to here and disrispect people who are trying to do something good…

  9. @nlperpave
    You should buy a dictionary, and then search: Respect…
    Christian is not the one who goes to church, but the one who helps his brother.
    You force your ideas into other people, using disrespect, it's the only way for your very own way of logic to be understand…

  10. love this mans teachings BUT god is the number 1 important point to believe in !!!!
    then comes CHRIST for he was created en send by THE FATHER !!!!

    so please im not degrading CHRIST only the Almighty One can do that (en HE will not for Jesus is his son) but dont put Christ above the CREATOR of the heavens en the earth en ALL THERE IS (INCLUDING CHRIST !!!!!)

  11. It's funny hearing you call something nonsense.. You once called for the forced sterilization of black people. You use the N word. You ridicule and mock everyone you disagree with. You poked fun at a disfigured little girl. You mocked a person that died due to addiction. You mocked Anne Frank's struggle. You mocked your own ex wife. You hoped my kids would get raped. You claim to be married yet watch pick up videos and you're vile. I could go on! Do you reject this nonsense too, Mr. Morality?

  12. The concept might be common/universal…..but forgiveness from God is given only thru Jesus Christ…….because only Jesus Christ has paid for, been punished for….the sins of the whole world so that the debt of sin owed to God has been cancelled….