Ernie Lassman | – What is the purpose of the Ten Commandments?

Pastor Lassman’s Lesson 4 and 5 – Ten Commandments
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Videos from the Adult Information Class on basic christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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Pastor Lassman Pastor Lassman. A class on basic Christian teachings at Messiah Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Neither Jesus nor the Ten Commandments make heaven allowable for mankind in general, period. Heaven is limited to a very exclusive group of persons on the earth, MOST of those that find favor with God will be resurrected to earth (as Jesus and other of God's faithful men showed possible on many occasions). Read Psalm 37:11, which in part speaks of the meek inheriting the earth. When would you expect this to take place if there was no resurrection?

  2. Sir: Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life, He is the only one that can save us from sin. The invitation from God is for everyone on this world, in the past the present and all that will be born in the future, until the second coming of Christ. The doctrine that only a few comes to heaven and the rest to stay on the earth is in error.

  3. Hi. I'm not sure what you are trying to say but here's my reponse: 1) Some people will be saved and some will be damned. For example: John 3: 36 and John 5: 28,29. 2) I didn't say anything about a few going to heaven and the rest staying on I don't know what you are talking about here. Thanks for your comments. Please respond. Pastor Lassman

  4. HI..I"m sorry that you have misunderstood me. I do teach that we should show our love for Jesus by keeping his commandents…but we don't do it to be justified in His sight..we do it because we are already justified by faith alone…The Ten Commandments have nothing to do with our justification. Pastor Lassman

  5. @Michael55912 The Adult Information Class of 15 Lessons on Basic Christian Teachings is available in an 8 piece DVD set to be played on a DVD player………..if you can use this I would send it to you for free……………Pastor Lassman

  6. First…… one can keep them PERFECTLY as God wants them kept……..that's why everyone is a sinner…..except Jesus Who is the only human being who did keep them… a perfect life to become our Savior..