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There’s a divide between being a visual learner and an auditable learner. To truly follow Jesus, we need to be good both. The Bible is not trying to heighten our visual reading skills-it’s trying to heighten our auditory skills. We must learn to hear Gods voice clearly so we can identify it. Throughout the Scriptures there’s an overwhelming theme of the power of God’s voice. We simply cannot navigate the life that God has called us to unless we learn to listen to it well.

When God speaks He creates, and when He creates He brings life. If we want to experience the life that God has for us, we must hear God’s voice. In Hebrews 12:25 it says, “See to it that you do not refuse Him who speaks.” Scripture gives us a compass to know what things God would and would not speak. But when we only trust our compass rather than Gods compass, we hit the same obstacles repeatedly.

God is trying to shake us free from things that are holding us down. But the things that God has given us will be unshakable. If we want God’s voice to shape our lives, we need to realize God is always speaking and His voice creates life. We must look forward because Gods voice always calls us forward to a life of freedom initiated by Him.

“Everything in the Scriptures begins with the voice of God and ends with the voice of God.”
-Erwin McManus


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Comment (13)

  1. Did you know He speaks?

    He speaks to everyone differently.

    How do I know He speaks?

    It’s one of those things you can’t explain, you just know.

    It’s a prompting

    It’s a feeling that never leaves your heart till it’s fulfilled

    It’s a sudden urge to follow a thought

    It’s a sense that leaves goose bumps all over

    It’s a passage that randomly lands in front of you at the right time

    It’s a divine vessel that comes and speaks the words you needed to hear

    It’s a service that brings you to unexplainable tears

    It’s a message that speaks to your heart

    It’s a song that leaves you raising your hands in the air

    It’s a moment that leaves you on your knees in awe.

    Do you know God speaks? It may not be how you would think you would hear Him, but if you reflect back, has He spoke to you?

    by Gia B Pavlik-Janisse 2016

  2. Wow!! With all the loss I have experienced this year .. It did open my eyes to see that God wants to free me from… to receive the new blessings He has intended for me. Thank you for this message.