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In addition to providing song resources, we also act as the record label for worship artists Elevation Worship, Vertical Church Band, Mia Fieldes, One Sonic Society, and [support us] /> With over 1 billion video views, comedian and viral sensation John Crist is the next big thing in standup comedy. Whether you know him from viral videos like “Millennial International,” “Road Rage in the Church Parking Lot,” or “Every Parent at Disney,” Crist has solidified his comedic prowess with sold out shows from coast to coast. His most recent tour—The Human Being Tour—was named in the Top 100 Tours globally based on attendance and gross sales, selling over 197,000 tickets. He held the designation for four consecutive weeks, charting as high as #28.

Nine years in, Crist has shared the stage with some of the best in the business, including Dave Chappelle, Jeff Foxworthy, Seth Meyers, Larry the Cable Guy, Trevor Noah, Dana Carvey, Adam Carolla, Chris D’Elia, Anjelah Johnson, Tim Hawkins, and Louie Anderson. Anderson, named one of Comedy Central’s Top 100 Comedians of All Time, says of Crist, “It’s only a matter of time until John Crist is a household name. He is so likable and his stand-up is top notch.” Tim Hawkins, who Crist has performed with over 100 times says, “This guy ain’t no opener. John Crist is the real deal.”

“My favorite part of touring is meeting people from different areas of the country and hearing how my comedy has impacted them or their favorite part of my act,” says Crist.

Named as one of the “Top Five Comics to Watch,” Crist is no stranger to accolades. He was a finalist in Comedy Central’s “Up Next Comedy Competition,” a finalist in the Comedy Works “New Faces Contest,” and named to the Burbank Comedy Festival’s “Best of the Fest.” In April of 2019, he charted on Pollstar’s Top 100 Global Tours. The Top 100 list is based on attendance and gross sales.

Crist has created and starred in several videos for BuzzFeed and has made several appearances on the Bob and Tom Show. He has been featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox & Friends, US Weekly, USA Today, Buzzfeed, Laughs on Fox, The Today Show, Huffington Post, The Bleacher Report, 9Gag, HLN, Men’s Humor, Relevant Magazine, The Adam Carolla Show, WGN, Cloyd Rivers, Old Row, Cracked, The Catalyst Conference, The Nerdist Network, TBN, Grand Ole Opry, and The Daily Wire. He was even once a voice actor on the popular children’s radio show Adventures in Odyssey.

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Essential Worship Essential Worship. Essential Worship exists to resource worship leaders and teams, while making it easier for the local church to discover and adopt new songs. Through Song Sessions, Gatherings, Tutorials and more - we provide exclusive song content, opportunities to interact with the artists and writers, and everyday tools to make a worship leader's job easier.

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  1. I now realize how good the youth at my church manages the lyrics. If other churches are having a hard time with a set progression of the songs, what more when the progression of the song is entirely dependent on the worship leader's discernment?

  2. Okay, usually these videos half annoy me, but this one was so spot-on! You have to laugh! I've been that singer at a mega church a few years back and traveled with them also singing on albums etc and this was perfectly spot-on -sad but true. BUT this is where the scripture comes in of When God says that He knows we're but dirt LOL. No one is perfect and the job is highly stressful and draining and yes, when any of us are followed around and served all the time we tend to act like little brats. Lucifer was a walking band scriptures say and that's why he's called the Fallen Angel of praise and worship. And your saw Pride's starting point right there….God help us humble ourselves…PLEASE LORD…(still gotta laugh.) >BUT DIRT<

  3. I was on a praise team for 2 years and wanted to quit but waited until I was out of high school and on my way out of state for college to smoothly transitioned onto the next phase of my life. There was too much favoritism for solos and competition for them as well. Plus, the teen worship supervisor was inconsistent with keeping practice days. It was just an all around mess and toxic environment.

  4. This is over the top…but really, why would it be ok to have singers and musicians who are unskilled? Why would it be ok for sound to be consistently lousy?…im just saying that we should CARE about our work for the Lord, without being a nutcase. And people who are not skilled should not be given a position in worship…

  5. If this is honest???? this should be an ex worship leader. People are not perfect but if you are in church leadership and can't display more grace at least on sunday there is something seriously wrong. and yes, I know this is just satire.

  6. I've been in the field for the last five years, and am about to the point of wanting out because of how true this all is. I've known guitar players who admit that they're just doing it to impress women, I've seen people tear down other people to promote themself, I've seen people complain about playing in churches that are "too old" or "too small" for their skill level, I've been removed from a band when I was competition for a girl the drummer was going after, and most of the musicians I come in contact with express utter disinterest in the Bible while worshiping Bethel, Elevation, Hillsong, and other worship leaders. It is an industry, and the only thing these worship leaders are leading us to worship is themself. But not all, I've also met many humble people along the way who have a huge heart for God and who are also talented musicians. Unfortunately, they rarely make it very far because they don't suck up to the band leader.

  7. And here is yet another reason to be Catholic. Mass is about Jesus fully present in the Eucharist unlike the modern protestant service with some hip pastor in skinny jeans and a rock concert.

  8. Speaking of spontaneous….my favorite…popcorn prayer. “Let’s all form small circles of love and pray.” Everyone gets in circles and I realize my circle is too big so I step into another one without realizing…these are the women who pray like Southern Baptist preachers on a hot summer day. “Now, if y’all feel led to pray just jump right in.” The most Christianist, walk-on-water woman in the whole church begins, “Oh dear Lord, we just want to thank you for your Love and your Grace….”. And she prayers for ten minutes. Then, it starts around the circle. It’s getting closer to me and ain’t nobody gonna say, “sorry, but I ain’t feeling led right now.” These woman are sprouting out long biblical verses and I’m still on “Jesus wept.”

    The woman next to me starts and I know I’m next. “Lord,” I say to myself, “please give me the voice, the words, the heart to pray to You…and not be embarrassed. Amen.”

    It’s my turn! It’s my turn! It’s my turn! There is complete silence in our circle as everyone waits for me to start.

    “Ditto dear Lord. Amen.”

    True story.






    If this is real which I doubt. Then this guy needs to first REPENT and be BORN AGAIN. Then decide to sing for Jesus!!!!! If I'm judging then God forgive me. But I get no witness of the Spirit on this guy AT ALL!!!! Unless he is going through something I'm unaware of. Sometimes that can make us ALL ACT LIKE A DEVIL!!!!! But if he is saved then HIS ACTIONS ARE BLINDING ME TO THAT FACT!!!!! I would never listen to anyone like this!!!!!!

    NOBODY IS PERFECT. But true Christians know who their brothers and sisters are. Most of the time at least. But I can say this WITHOUT ANY DOUBT!!!! He is NOT acting like a Christian here!!!!! GODS MUSIC IS TO GLORIFY GOD!!! ALWAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!!!! ITS NOT TO GET A RECORD DEAL WITH THE WORLD!!!! That is all many are after!!!!!!

    CHURCHES HIRE THEM BECAUSE OF TALENT OR BECAUSE THEIR KNOWN!!!!! THEY SHOULD CHECK TO SEE IF THEIR ACTUALLY SAVED FIRST!!!!! I remember once when I was a teenager. The youth group went to a quote Christian music festival and yes they had SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN ROCK!!!!!!!

    A young attractive girl came out on stage to a rock beat. TWISTING HER HIPS IN A SUGGESTIVE MANNER. If that wasn't enough. She had on a EXTREMELY SHORT SKIRT. I MEAN MADONNA SHORT!!!!!!! Everyone there could EASILY SEE HER PANTIES!!!!! And I mean EASILY!!!!! YOU COULDN'T MISS THEM ACTUALLY!!!!! I saw her crotch!!!!

    You couldn't even hear the words over the music!!!!! And those who could probably missed them because of the panties. I'll put it this way. ITS A GOOD THING SHE SHAVED!!!! AND I'M NOT EXAGGERATING AT ALL!!!!!!!! Her face was painted kinda between gothic and Cindy Loper however she spells it. She was kinda hunching at the crowd with her hips!!!!! Like a grinding action on stage!!!!! I GUARANTEE YOU THAT NOBODY WAS REMOTELY THINKING ABOUT JESUS AT ALL AT THAT MOMENT!!!!!!! HER PERVERTED SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN MUSIC MADE THIS GUY HERE. LOOK LIKE AN APOSTLE OF CHRIST!!!

    Listen I'm as weak as any many to a sexy woman!!!!!!!

    I LOVE WOMEN!!!!!! But she didn't get her first song halfway finished before I GOT UP AND WALKED OUT!!!!! ACTUALLY A FEW GIRLS FOLLOWED ME!!!!! Again. I LOVE WOMEN!!!!! I don't go for homosexuality or bisexuality or gender bender FILTH!!!!! IN THAT WAY. I'M ALL MAN!!!!!!! But if I wanted to see that. Porn is easily accessible and you see more!!!!! I wasn't there for MADONNA. I was there for GOD!!!!! It was TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to worship and almost impossible not to LUST!!!!!! Because she was a good looking girl. And worse, I was a TEENAGE BOY!!!!!!! NO, I'M NO FAN OF CHRISTIAN ROCK!!!!!! GOD WOULD NEVER TELL ANYBODY. TO GO OUT ON STAGE IN A SKIMPY SHORT SKIRT. AND DO WHAT SHE DID WITH HER PANTIES SHOWING!!!!!

    I was on the FIRST ROW!!!!! It was embarrassing to me to get up and leave. But I had to!!!!! In my mind. I had NO CHOICE!!!!!! I mean that was just WRONG!!!!!!!! It was SINFUL!!!!! I like skirts on women a lot. But not at a Christian music festival the way she did it!!!!!! I HAD TO MAKE A CHOICE QUICKLY!!!!#

    It was either SIT AND FOLLOW THE CROWD. OR, GET UP AND WALK OUT FOR JESUS!!!!!!! So I walked out for Christ!!!!! Today most have no clue what it even means to be a TRUE CHRISTIAN!!!!! I KNOW WE ARE SAVED BY GRACE AND NOT WORKS!!!!! I knew it then. But I still had to choose.

    IT FELT DEMONIC TO ME!!!!!!! Sadly most stayed and cheered!!!! I go for women and they go for me!!!! BUT THAT WAS DEMONIC!!!!!! Smoke bombs, loud music and lights. It was all about HER and nothing about Christ!!!!! But it was all predicted long ago in the bible!!!!!!

    This crazy pride filled FAKE is nothing compared to her!!!!! That's why the bible says. " YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT. " NOT THEIR TALENT!!!!!!! Many secular artist are saved. While these types are HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!

    PS. It's funny. The church warns people against secular music. But then hires these kinds of people to " entertain!!!!! " it's worse than sad!!!!!


  10. @Carry, NO, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS NOT THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH!!!!!! They are the APOSTASY CHURCH!!!!! WORSHIPING or praying to STATUES is forbidden in the bible. It's called IDOLATRY and even breaks the 10 commandments!!!! THOU SHALT NOT MAKE/HAVE ANY GRAVEN IMAGE THAT YOU BOWN DOWN TO!!!! "

    Catholics also pray TO AND THROUGH MARY as well as saints!!!!!

    The bible forbids it!!! The bible also says JESUS IS " THE ONLY MEDIATOR " BETWEEN GOD AND MAN!!! The Catholic church calls Mary " THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN!!! " God said in the old testament. HE HATES THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN " or THE SO-CALLED QUEEN OF HEAVEN!!!!

    Jesus said. " CALL NO MAN UPON THIS EARTH FATHER!!! " Yet Catholics always call every priest FATHER!!!!!! The bible teaches that the. Apostate FALSE church would " FORBID PEOPLE TO MARRY!!!! " THE CATHOLIC CHURCH FORBIDS THEIR PRIESTS AND NUNS TO MARRY!!!!!!!

    To much to write!!!! Read the BIBLE not the pope!!!!!