Frank Thomas | – A Conversation with Rev. Dr. Claudette Anderson Copeland hosted by Dr. Frank A. Thomas

Dr. Frank A. Thomas interviews preaching legend and Co-founder/Pastor of New Creation Christian Church of San Antonio, Texas, Rev. Dr. Claudette Anderson Copeland. Dr. Coplands talks about her life, call, ministry, mentors, and all things preaching.

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Frank Thomas Frank Thomas. This channel contains videos of the preaching and teaching ministry of the Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas. The call on Dr. Thomas' life is to preach and teach the gospel in relevant and creative sermonic forms. You will be blessed and encouraged by the profound, challenging, and spiritually insightful word of Dr. Thomas

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  1. Thank you Dr. Thomas for this interview, and Dr. Anderson Copeland for your reflection and transparency. You have been one of my favorite preachers for a long time. Thank God for the Spirit and the acacemic journey ( MSR ITC '13). Recommended NCCC to my sister as she relocated to the San Antonio area.

  2. Thank you Dr. Frank Thomas for mining the volume of Black preaching genius to give us this diamond embodied in the flesh of Dr. Claudette Copeland. Dr. Copeland was the first womanist/woman preacher that I was encouraged to pay serious attention to when I began to discover my own preaching voice. I heard her preach a sermon on the Rape of Tamar where she called out patriarchy in the biblical text, naming it, male collusion. It blew my mind. And, I'm so glad it did.

  3. Thank you Dr. thomas for your vision and for your impartation you have shared over the years. I have always been inspired by Dr. Copeland since my introduction to her at Light of the World Christian Church, Bishop T. Garrott Benjaminm Jr. was pastor. I thank God for her trannsparency. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. This was profound, deeply insightful, nourishing, and encouraging. I kept on going back for seconds, for I was sitting at my father's table, where I was served food from one of his daughter's powerful and enduring ministry!! Thank you Dr. Thomas. And God continually anoint Dr. Copeland.

  5. I just bought a pair of red glasses yesterday and this morning was looking for Claudette Anderson Copeland and discovered she has red glasses on this vid and I plan to wear that color hair on Sunday morning which is this morning. I too believe preachers are pimps but she’s very interesting though.

  6. Pastor Frank, I was so deeply moved by this interview. Pastor Copeland words and spirit reached me in the deepest corner of my heart and sat with my soul. I resonated with her hunger for healing and calling to offer a sacred space to walk with others in their pain and healing process. Thank you for this and many of the other powerful interviews. Blessings Kelly Wilkins

  7. She says was looking and didn’t know it was jesus. Alls I can say is she’s pretty and I like her glasses. Our Ancestors were kidnapped and loaded onto The Good Ship Jesus. We accepted the god of the bible at the end of a whip, and we prayed to the god of our oppressors. Who’s prayers do we think he’ll answer? Black people are the prayingist, worshipping people on the face of this earth. We will out Muhammad Muhammad, out Pope the Pope, yet the most broken people in the world. Cute glasses though!

  8. I love her SOOO MUCH! I believe she needs to be ONLINE 24-7 just TALKING! I feel like we need to hear her because it seems like this is missed in church somehow! She's awesome!

  9. Thank you Mr. Thomas! The Reverend Dr. Claudette Copeland is one of my only favorite Pastors because she is the first woman Pastor I heard. I loved the way she brought the word, and she spoke with a soft boldness that touched my heart for I am a woman myself. I would buy her cassettes, yes cassette tapes, and listened to them over and over. I had never heard of a city called Nacogdoches. In one of her most powerful sermons, she said a phrase that I have used throughout my life, she said; " People have begun to believe their own propaganda!" She is a woman, daughter, and messenger of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I want to thank Dr. Copeland, if she ever reads this, know Dr. Copeland that I love you, and am so glad that you did become a physician of lost and hurt souls, and heal pain with the Balm of Gilead (which was one of your sermons)that no earthly physician of medicine could get to. Our souls, souls for Jesus, you have saved many and remember it was Mary who saw the empty tomb, and Mary who was one of the first witnesses of seeing our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Copeland is a Mary of our times. May God Bless her and her family always, and you as well Mr. Thomas!

  10. Dr. Copeland blessed me with this interview but what she said about her husband probably inspired me most. To have a woman of her caliber stand defensively and say my husband is why I am who I am says a lot about the caliber of man her husband is. I pray for the grace to have my wife say the same of me. Thanks for interjecting that into the conversation!