FULLER studio | – “Psalm 82 Is a Good Start” | Bono & David Taylor: Beyond the Psalms

Bono, the lead singer of U2, and David Taylor, assistant professor of theology and culture, reflect on “unlocking” artists of faith, the relationship between Christ’s ministry and themes of justice in the Psalms, and the importance of adopting that same “manifesto” in our lives.

FULLER studio and Fourth Line Films present “Bono & David Taylor: Beyond the Psalms,” a conversation filmed at the Manhattan studio of Mako Fujimura, director of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts. Interview by Fourth Line Films: Nathan Clarke, director; W. David O. Taylor, producer; John Harrison, cinematographer. For FULLER studio, (including New York City footage): Lauralee Farrer, director; Tamara Johnston McMahon, senior producer; Ronald Allchin, producer; Nate Harrison and Tim Ronca, cinematographers; Patrick O’Neil Duff, editor.

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  1. Bono (as if he'd read this), Love your heart. I remember the first illegal free concert on top of the liquor store on Seventh and Main St. amidst the drunks and homeless in Los Angeles. That concert brought the term "Homeless" into the public vernacular and mindset. We were there, then, and we are still there today. Would love to see you hold another concert in LA for homelessness. LA is very sympathetic and supportive of resolving homelessness and relieving suffering. You were part of the start of the movement, especially the worldwide awareness of this element of suffering in the world. Thanks

  2. "The most valuable thing the Psalms do for me is to express that same delight in God which made David dance. I am not saying that this is so pure or so profound a thing as the love of God reached by the greatest Christian saints and mystics. But I am not comparing it with that, I am comparing it with the merely dutiful ‘churchgoing’ and laborious ‘saying our prayers’ to which most of us are, thank God not always, but often, reduced. Against that it stands out as something astonishingly robust, virile, and spontaneous; something we may regard with an innocent envy and may hope to be infected by as we read." C.S. Lewis, The Fair Beauty of the Lord, Reflections on the Psalms

  3. But yes, there are so many psalms sung by the Christian church … The Neo -Catecumenal Way has a whole songbook with the psalms without adaptations or different interpretations. And they are marvellous! 🙂 Pleasl feel free to listen them <3

  4. This opinion has nothing to do with their conversation: I think that we can be oppressed by our own thoughts, evil thoughts and demons as well so king David asks God to deliver us from those "wicked". David played his psalter to a king who couldn't sleep…and he slept…

  5. I like being invited to be "untrapped", because I am a believer, a musician (singer) and a composer. I was taught by my Mom when I was little to memorise some Psalms and New Testament passages, but as an an adult I find the Psalms difficult. I realise that Thanks and Praise are the most present themes in Psalms, yet it's been a foggy and unclear read for me. It's very, very, hard to understand that I can feel inside me, yet I can't get The Word at times….. So thank you for suggesting starting at Psalm 82. Will do. Thank You…..

  6. My Son was born in 2007 and all of 2006 and 2007 I was looking for life verses for him. Psalm 82 was one of the first ones I was lead to and labeled it “Be A Hero” and “God’s Champion”. The verse is about God. Some would say it’s not for us. But not Jesus. Jesus told us to be Holy for our Father in Heaven is Holy. That is an imperial command by the LORD of Lords Himself to imitate the character of God, which we see in Psalm 82. This verse is for us to do and don’t let anyone tell you different. I already liked Bono as a musician and artist that is a Christian. But now he has impressed me big time with Ps82. My channel name is for Psalm 117 and I have an inactive one I am working on for Psalm 82. Great video!