God Rules | – Did He Reveal The Αpocrypha as Inspired?

Did He Reveal The Αpocrypha as Inspired?

The more of the Αpocrypha I read, the more I am convinced that He was very familiar with them and even adapted some of his parables and teachings from them.

Antiquities of Ahikar (Akikar) is an ancient writing. It was in the same classification as Aesop’s Fables. He makes use of some of its teachings. Particularly the tree analogy of giving it more years to yield fruit before getting rid of it.

After reading some of the Book of Jubilees it became apparently obvious that He got his saying “he that lives by the sword, dies by the sword” from the story of Cain being killed by his own house falling in on itself. As he created it out of rocks. And it was with a rock that Cain killed his brother Abel. And there is a declaration made that whatever you kill with, you will be killed by.

Reference to Ahikar (Akikar)

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  1. Hey Anthony. First off I want to thank you for your videos…you really helped me out with my struggles to understand the real meaning of "lust" shortly after i was saved. I was one of those white knuckling Christians who spent more time in fear than seeing the big picture. Anyway, it's off topic but I'm really curious to see your take on the End Times. I was also curious if you are familiar with Trey Smith's work or L.A. Marzulli's work? I hope you're having a great day. Again, I thank you.

  2. If Jesus Christ was God incarnate in human flesh!Jesus Christ the "word of God" who was with the father before the foundation of the world! Why would he need to read any book such as the ones you mention? All TRUTH comes from GOD not the other way round so that HE should be instructed by anyone!Are you not using human wisdom in trying to understand the supernatural? CHOOSE WHICH IS THE TRUTH? Jasher Cain killed with metal part of plough? You just said Cain killed with stone? Genesis just killed

  3. You just pointed out that Cain himself was killed by a stone yet another book of the apocrypha says Cain was himself kill by an arrow shot by Lamech in error as he was nearly blind! But what dose the Bible say on the subject?Previously I was referring to Cain killing Able!Dose this not show we have to be extremely careful what we take on board as the truth???? Whats your view on the points I have made? Sorry but just reasoning as to the truth!

  4. If all these different accounts about the same thing were all contained in the Holy Bible I doubt whether you and I would be reading it nor give it the time of day, never mind anyone else!Is this not true? It would not enhance GODS being the God of truth would it? I am in no way trying to damage your faith in Jesus Christ!But there has to be a reasonable explanation even if we don't like what our conclusion is in seeking the truth! Is this not so?

  5. There is no way you or anyone else could damage my faith in Jesus. So far, I have not really met much of anyone who has anything good to say or intelligent to say against what I say. I have yet to meet one person on YouTube that gave any of my viewpoints a real challenge.

    So far, most of them have been speachless. I could take on any of these supposive top minds in Christianity and defeat them with my argumentation.

  6. Far from being a top mind! Just a man trying his best to seek "truth"!I have not attended a church for 40 yrs! I just put all my trust in Jesus Christ and Gods word the Holy Bible at that time because I didn't feel I was learning the truth in putting my trusting in men!My church consists of 4 the Father Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit and ME!Are you going to answer any of the questions I put to you? I have not said you are wrong have I?I only want to know what your reasoning is Blessings in Christ

  7. Oh, I did not mean to infer I was against you or such.

    Actually, I was just putting out there that there are so many fake leaders in the church, and their arguments don't hold up.

    Also, you should give yourself more credit.

    The fact you are where you are with this knowledge shows you know more than most out there, that is for sure.

    I think a lot of the churches you may have something against are probably just the standard "seek their own" type churches.

  8. I don't have anything against anyone as my church is very insistent on Love you neighbour as your self and love your enemies!When I belonged to a church many years ago they never taught it day in and day out!nor much about humility!I am waiting for God to show me where I should go as in the past I decided myself and fell flat on my face so to speak! Was a JW for 8 yrs need I say more? But you still don't answer my questions?

  9. What do you think? My reasoning the Bible says Cain killed Able! that we know is "TRUTH" But we have a problem with the Apocrypha as one account says he was killed with a stone the other that he was killed with a metal plough ( at least one or both is not the TRUTH) unless he was killed by both at the same time! Then we have Cains death Apocrypha one account says he was stoned the other shot with an arrow(one or both not TRUE)What dose the Bible say? = At least one of the Apocrypha books a LIE

  10. But maybe Cain was stoned and shot with a arrow at the same time? Not something to put your everlasting life on is it? Who's telling the truth? Maybe I am missing something? So please give me what you think is the reason for differing accounts ? These are not the only instances either! However I will still read them but not put my faith in them as I do the Bible! You going to block me now? May God bless us both though Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in wisdom and truth

  11. Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ! I have much for you to consider but not to teach! For only one is our teacher Jesus Christ but just to remind you of the good and wonderful things you learnt from him through the Holy Bible the word of truth!It is never about who is right or wrong but about the TRUTH from a God who can not lie!If I am wrong and I have been so many many times it matters not! What matters most is I get there in the end!In this same way we were all aliens to God!But now in Christ

  12. AS you know in Revelations Jesus Christ is pictured in the center of Gods throne!From there encompasses all in two attributes of God! LOVE & TRUTH eg mercy forgiveness empathy etc etc comes from these two attributes of God in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit!As in heaven so it is on the earth!The Bible is Gods throne of truth and love in that Jesus Christ is the center and purpose of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations! To tell all who seek God the truth!And to prove God loves us!

  13. Of course God doesn't have to prove anything to anyone but even so he wants us to know he loves us dearly!So he was crucified to show he loved us even to death on a torture stake!In publicly displaying the Bible and Jesus Christ crucified Gods sets his seal that both are TRUTH before all in the heavenly realms and on earth in the past present and to all eternity! Let the man come forth who can prove the Bible not to be TRUTH! Even Satan agreed with the Bible when he tempted Jesus!

  14. See God will not countenance a LIE all is TRUTH !That's why we can have faith and trust him! God can not LIE and any book which claims to be of God must be truth from cover to cover as is the Holy Bible! So if we find a lie in a book or something crooked as to "truth" how can we tell which is truth from fiction in any part of it?We could end up believing what was a lie as the truth and visa versa? Bet your glad that's it!Sorry the ramblings of an old man? And I have cluttered your site up!

  15. I want to send You my appreciation, for being so open minded about Your teachings, and i wanted to tell You so. I look forward to more of Your expositories. May Jesus bless You. Regards from Norway, Kenn M.

  16. The Apocrypha is considered the word of God in my church, however, you need to read and be able to discern truth from lies. Apocrypha is the word of God mingles with somebody else opinion. Because of its confusion, it was put it away but you can still get a lot of good information from it. Just don't let it pushes you away from the truth and from God.