God Rules | – Hidden Canon: The History of Why The Αpocrypha Was Removed (Watch What's Revealed)

Hidden Canon: The History of Why The Αpocrypha Was Removed (Watch What’s Revealed)
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Regarding the N.T., all are in agreement. However, when it comes to the O.T., we actually have FIVE different viewpoints on what is the O.T. Canon.

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  1. you are not crazy .. but You are above average …. so not affected by mass mind ctrl messages … like me … who search out hidden things … yes! It explains mighty power of Yahweh …

    Most importantly … OT "AS IS" points to ERRATIC UNEXPLAINABLE ANGER OF WIPING OUT "ADAMIC HUMANS" & "CANAANITES" … but ENOCH & APOCRYPHA explains why and suddenly it makes sense … i also wondered why Jesus said "YOU ARE of YOUR FATHER, SATAN" (yes! Ever wondered why the religious rejected Jesus then & now, but are preachinh a different Jesus like the pharisees preaching different Yahweh!) because there are 2 seedlines due to nephilim contamination. What!? Don't believe it!? Ask Holy Spirit when studying JESUS PARABLE OF WHEAT & TARES! Notice the owner/Jesud said to the workers/angels do not pluck out the tares until harvest time less you pluck out the wheat with it, so "Canaanite" sons are aloud till end time. But they are hybrids, so they have freedom of choice of the 2 seedlines, hasatan or Jesus as their father. Yes! Think of it, many are mixed, so there's a view that those who respond readily to Jesus

  2. Saw your hilariously retarded videos on The Drunken Peasants podcast. I love the one where you try to make a feeble argument against TJ the Amazing Atheist. You dont understand science, and you dont understand evolution, like basically all of you creationists. Dont try to make an argument when you know NOTHING about the topic, and your evidence is the goddamn bible. Plus you were defending Joshua Fuckstein, which is indefensible.

  3. I'm new to Christianity, I've not even had time to read the whole bible let alone studying removed books. So you people who believe these books are truly divinely inspired- does that mean you support the way catholics practice their faith? I intend on reading these books for myself, but do these books support the Protestant faith or?

  4. You are believing a deception. If you do an honest study of the origin of the Apocrapha, you will discover that they are promoted by the Jesuit Catholic NWO. There are all kinds of stories that try to explain away why these books are not accepted by the Protestant reformation, but the truth is because these books are not inspired by Yahua GOD and are an attempt by satanic doctrines of demons to corrupt the Eternal Word of Truth. Here is an introductory in depth study of the origins of the Apocrapha and the greek septuigant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxNSZ9NtKhY

  5. The God that I love and serve is all knowing, all powerful, all seeing, mighty, wonderful. It is amazing to me to hear people say that they are believers in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit…and also believe that The Godhead would not be able to stop the leaving out of these books. My God would not allow anything vital to our salvation to be LOST from His Holy Writ! The Apocrypha supports things that are clearly out of line with what the KJV Bible teaches. They're not missing because GOD slipped up and missed them be removed, but because they were never intended to be part of His Word in the first place. Amen and Amen. #FaithRules #MyGodDoesntMakeMistakes

  6. every Sunday i use your videos to study i try to study alot like you ,,, pleaz dont ever stop being your self it does give hope in life,,,,,,,,,not just your material i use many people and books to learn we must use a wise filter to be the best

  7. Hi Godrules. Thanks for this video. Confirms my research..
    At about 2:15 mins you mentioned that the early church fathers spoke about why the Jews removed the books. Could you please give me whatever references you have for this. You mentioned Justin Martyr.
    Today Jews are being taught that the Greek Septuagint was later written by Christians to deceive people, and that at the time of Jesus, the Greek Sptuagint only consisted of the first five books (Torah), like the Samaritan Pentateuch.

  8. Reading the old books have given me more understanding of the Kingdom of God, Spirituality and my relationship (sonship) to Jesus. We have been duped. God is waking people up at an alarming rate. Amen

  9. I like you. You're one of the only people besides myself who genuinely cares about these things. Looking for some of these books online I also stumbled across other books that I didn't know existed, like the third and fourth books of Macabees. I also stumbled accross Jasher on You Tube which i saw referenced in the old testament twice, in Judges and 1 Samuel.

  10. What they don't tell people about the doctrine of priests not marrying is the word celibacy means to not marry, but it does NOT mean abstaining from sex. Hence the nightmarish stories of priests raping nuns in the cloister order who aren't allowed to go out in public thus can't tell anyone what is being done to them. Also, this explains the many stories of child molestation. Also, I was raised in a family with a roman Catholic mom and Byzantine Catholic dad, so I grew up being exposed to both east and west Catholicism. The Byzantine Catholics in Europe, or at least in Hungary that I am aware of, are allowed to marry and be priests. They have to have their wedding at the time of their ceremony of becoming a priest. If they aren't married when they take their vows as priest then they have to stay unmarried, but at least they do allow marriage at some point. I remember being in middle school and my dad showing a picture to me of a third cousin in Hungary who I never met and his wife and he was a priest. The byzantine Catholic priests are not allowed to marry here in the U.S. but they can marry in Eastern Europe. I am no longer Catholic, but that is some history that I am aware of regarding the subject.

  11. You would likely appreciate a set of books called Conflict Of The Ages Series. It's a set of five books that gets into the bible from Genesis to Revelation. No it doesn't have the extra biblical texts, but when the author wrote these books in the 1800s they made reference to things implying what some of the extra Biblical texts explain. especially if you can find older editions of the books to read. When you get into later editions there are sentences and paragraphs gradually taken out over the decades, especially ones that apply to the times we live in now. It is nearly impossible to find the originals in print. So not only are we dealing with "editing" but also '"book burning"".

  12. The Puritans protested the Apocrypha books, which I found to be very odd when i learned about it considering they were kicked out of their own country for following the Bible. I suspected there could have been infiltration involved, which I later found to be the case. There were jesuits acting like they were part of the puritan groups who stirred up conflict regarding the issue. They may or may not have been called jesuits yet at that time, but it was still the same principal regarding being the military force of the papacy to infiltrate and conquer their enemies in that fashion. They still do it today which is why the churches aren't preaching many of the truths that they used to and have taken on false teachings instead. The 501c3 non tax status doesn't help either, but there has also been a great deal of conquering from within going on for well over 100 years.

  13. well said, I use the LXX to check the MT all the time!
    Some where in 2nd Esdras, Ezra is told that this would happen. I think its around Chapter 12 or 14. YAH tells Ezra that some books are for everyone and some books are secret. Just read everything and let the SPIRIT guide you into all truth. Stay away from denominations and man made doctrine.