Good Christian Music | – Allie Paige – In Your Midst

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✞ Lyrics:
I come to sit at your feet
To drink from the fountain of life
How it satisfies
No where else, do I want to be
The warmth of your heart is enough
It’s enough for me

I come to to have communion with the King
to sit at the table and dine
with the highest priest
To know, just what’s on your mind
The secret of Heaven I’ll live to search, to find

So hide me deep inside your heart Lord
Cover me with your wings
Bring me into safety
Bring me into fellowship with who you are, Lord
Father, Son and Spirit
This is all I long for
To be in your midst

This my heart’s desire
To know you and be known
To know you and be know by you Jesus


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Amen Worldwide Amen Worldwide. We've been redefining the scene since 2012, as the original home of good Christian music - showcasing great music of all genres written by followers of Christ. We spend our time working with artists to help them grow in creativity, as well as spending vast amounts of time searching for the very best in Christian music from signed, independent, and completely unheard of musicians. We love to pioneer new, creative artists to help build their fanbase and see their ministry become a career. We do this through close relationships, and more intentionally through our own co-operative record label The Amen Collective through which we empower artists to reach greater audiences whilst maintaining ownership over their work. Through our Sinai Sessions, we create a community between artists and create exciting new live content of your favorite musicians performing original songs and covers.

Comment (37)

  1. Allie Paige (Known for her song Dancing On The Moon with Isla Vista Worship) recently released her debut solo album after successfully reaching her funding goal on Kickstarter. This beautiful gem is taken from her album, full of soulful, indie charm, and a fresh take on worship music, we love what Allie Paige is doing. Download/streaming links and lyrics in description, leave your comments below 🙂

  2. This young woman is a REAL psalmist who's being GREATLY USED by Christ Jesus in these EXTREMELY EVIL last days, just before His rapture of His true Church, which is YOU, his follower – not a building, not a pastor. FOCUS your entire life on your RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, & drawing AS CLOSE to Jesus as you possibly can, & helping others do the same. The BEST way to help others draw close to Jesus is by using the gifts God gave you to do it, just like this psalmist is doing. Store your treasures in Heaven, not on this earth. Just like all the great prophets of the Old Testament, our hope is not in this life, but in THE LIFE TO COME !! MAKE SURE you make the rapture to Paradise !! (which takes place VERY SOON, like it or not) COME Lord Jesus !!!!!!!

  3. " Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks."

    I hope and believe the next generation, my kids generation, to get worshiping to a new and deeper level. He is worthy.