Good Christian Music | – Chris Howland – Your Love (Feat. Sajan Nauriyal)

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✞ Lyrics :
[Verse 1]
I’m in awe of what You did
When You saved me
Every flaw and every sin
You forgave me

You clean me up
Wrapped in Your love
And You heal me up
Hook to Your heart
And You reel me up
Give me faith
And You seal me up

So take these hands
I’m holding them out for You
I know I can stand
Rooted down in a love so true

Your love, Your love
Your love, Your love
Is the only thing I’m standing on
Your love, Your love
Your love, Your love
I’m surrendering cuz You have it all

[Verse 2]
I cannot do this alone
Not through a might of my own
Wanted to prove myself
And do so well, but now I know
I could never live without Your love
All that You have given is enough

So wait, step back, gotta refocus
Look down at the blessings I’m holding
I’m gonna rest cuz I know it

But I’ma need You to take these hands
I’m holding them out for You
I know I can stand
Rooted down in a love so true


[Verse 3]
I gotta enter the rest
That You give me
I try to go flirt but
The set-backs they hit me
Can’t do this myself
If I did I’d be trippin’
I’m lifting my head
Cuz I know that You’re with me
I know now
You’ll never let me go now
Even in push or pull now
Lord You can take control now



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  1. Released on our own recored label The Amen Collective, Chris Howland's new EP 'Draw Near' came out today, this song sees him collaborate with Sajan Nauriyal for the second time for the huge anthem 'Your Love'. Download/streaming links and lyrics in description, leave your comments below!

  2. I wish SIRIUS XM had a radio station for and based off all the genres of music that The Good Christian Music Blog dishes out! I'm so glad I came across this channel! I'm tired of the pop mainstream Christian music plays nowadays, I didn't even know you could make electro Christian music?! I'm just so grateful for all this!! Now I can look up all these artists! There is more out there haha