Good Christian Music | – Ecclesia – Wake Up (Official Full Album Stream)

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✞ Tracklist:
1. 0:00 Wake Us Up
2. 4:12 Lavish
3. 7:17 We Could Be The Ones
4. 10:36 Radical (Feat. CASS & CalledOut Music)
5. 13:11 Ain’t Got Love (Feat. Aklesso)
6. 16:35 Baptized In Fire
7. 21:52 Una Sola Sangre
8. 25:13 Covenant
9. 29:11 Higher Places
10. 32:44 Excellence
11. 37:29 Till We See Your Face (Feat. S.O.)


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Amen Worldwide Amen Worldwide. We've been redefining the scene since 2012, as the original home of good Christian music - showcasing great music of all genres written by followers of Christ. We spend our time working with artists to help them grow in creativity, as well as spending vast amounts of time searching for the very best in Christian music from signed, independent, and completely unheard of musicians. We love to pioneer new, creative artists to help build their fanbase and see their ministry become a career. We do this through close relationships, and more intentionally through our own co-operative record label The Amen Collective through which we empower artists to reach greater audiences whilst maintaining ownership over their work. Through our Sinai Sessions, we create a community between artists and create exciting new live content of your favorite musicians performing original songs and covers.

Comment (40)

  1. This album is bringing me such joy during this time of uncertainty! I just found out about Ecclesia and so glad I did. Finally some creativity in Christian music! Please keep doing what you're doing and honoring the Lord through great music

  2. I had NO IDEA what to expect when I saw this in my recommended. I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Thank You, Lord, for filling us with Your incredible Spirit of power, love, and a sound, disciplined mind, that moves us to know You as our personal Savior and to pour out praise to share with others the joy we have in Christ's salvationt!!!!!!!

  3. Yes their sound is UNIQUE but these guys are more biblical than some of the typical christian music out there, pretty clear this about Jesus!! Love how they embrace different sounds, as an African some of the songs take me back to my village!! Keep it up guys!!

  4. Some people have really negative energy n put it on everything they see fit. Can't believe all the ugly comments. If u listen to the lyrics u can tell he's a real christian. And y'all bashing a fellow believer should be ashamed. May Jesus forgive our ungodly ways!

  5. THIS IS INSANE!!!! i was about to work out and of course Amen Worldwide brings the best music for it AND MAN, when I was excercising I was dancing on my mind but in the rest time counldn't stop but dance the beat OUT!!
    Jesus I pray you rise artists like this people to glorify your name higher!!!!

  6. I still love this album, Andrews talent is not up for debate, and the lyrics are biblica but this current wave he is on of mixing christianity with occultism and eastern religions is just not of Christ period!!!

  7. It's sad that so many christians think the rainbow is the symbol of lgbtq. But it's not, the rainbow is the symbol of the relationship between people and God. The lgbtq community just stoled this symbol…

  8. There has been so many comments about the art. Is it evil, is it new age, is it Christian? These artists are lifting up God and for the record…the rainbow started with God and will always belong to God as a reminder of His promise. I really don't care who else uses it. I know why I use and recognize it.