Good Christian Music | – Montell Fish – Whatever You Want

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✞ Lyrics:
I wanna be in a place
Fully in a place where I’m chillin on Your grace
Trapped in a deep dark place
Where the only escape
Is embracing Your loving embrace
Right in the place
Where my faith shakes
And the gateways for the enemy just come on open
And it’s rains down but the Suns all over
And it crazy they think we got luck no God
Just 4 leaf clovers
Might be drunk in the spirit but I’m surely sober
This a super nova
Bomb bomb better blow up
And if u praise God man them hands better go up
I got grace in the waters Noah
Cause when the floods come Coz know my gon show up (x3)

Whatever You want
Whatever You want God
Whatever You want
Whatever You want God
Whatever You want

I just wanna give it all to You (x4)

What if there’s no tomorrow
What if I got shot and a knife that followed
See I wouldn’t mind Coz it’s Christ I follow
Gave His life, and He took my sorrows
Yea what if there is no tomorrow
What if I died on this plane
Know my faith rest in the One True King
So I’m not losing I was lost now I’m found like Sadam Hussein
God did a new thing
New life, new team
New fights, new dreams
2 thangs one wife, one life
One God, one Christ
One show, one mic and it’s all to God
Yeah it’s all to God
We all need God if u lost or not
Just give it a shot
And surrender your life man it’s all u got

Whatever You want
Whatever You want God
Whatever You want
Whatever You want God
Whatever You want

I just wanna give it all to You (x4)


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Comment (42)

  1. We've teamed up with the exciting, young Montell Fish – rapper, producer, singer, musician to debut his latest song. Constantly evolving and experimenting with his sound, he's a unique creative who has a heart that longs to see God's kingdom come and it shows in all his music. Show your support and leave your comments below!

  2. Ohmygosh! T.T thanks Montell Fish! Thank You Lord. So amazing & inspiring. Fish's music is so real. Praying for his heart, faith it will continue to grow till the end! Never ceasing! Non conforming. Same with all of us! Fish music is such a blessing!!!

  3. This song is so relevant to me and I think many believers right now. I've been praying for God to truly be the one thing that I seek and to sincerely say "whatever you want" at whatever cost. I've been dancing to this song, loving the aspect of joy in surrendering to Him! Thank you Montell for making such spirit filled and groovy music!

    These lyrics are truly inspired.

  4. This song gets me emotional man.
    We can't experience the revival that God wants to bring if we aren't fully surrendered to His will. Don't overthink it just have freelowship with him and see what he does in your heart

  5. Ephesians 2:8-9 – Saved by grace through faith, it is a gift of God, not of works lest any man should boast.
    The moment you believe in Jesus Christ you are saved (John 3:16, Acts 16:31, Romans 10:9-10, 13 and so many more). Praise the Lord for His goodness and perfect love.