Good Christian Music | – SPZRKT – Best Of Your Love (Prod. by @IAmTyshane)

Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop

Hot on the heels of his latest album ‘The Loner’, SPZRKT (pronounced Spazzy Rocket) joins fellow SCMGWP (Social Club Misfit Gang Wolf Pack) member and producer, Tyshane, to release the single ‘Best Of Your love’. On this track, Spazzy uses his smooth vocals to sing of God’s grace and love over this sweet summer beat. This tune is only further proof that SPZRKT is one of the most exciting guys in CHH right now, constantly pushing his style forward and driving his creativity further.

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Photography by Susanna Bradley

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  1. I just heard this at my friends wedding a few days ago and thought it was a song by Trey Songz. They where doing a" two step" dance to it too. When I asked about the song and who sung it I got corrected real quick lol

  2. I really like this song but at the same time, I have a some Major problems with it:

    First: I & many others had no clue this was a "Christian" song, which is a big problem. If a song is about JESUS CHRIST, then I EXPECT to hear HIS name. We say the names of the one's we love and we, as HIS servants are commanded to proclaim the name of our Savior– Jesus Christ, to be a witness to the Whole world; rather than being ashamed of Jim & his name. Jesus gave this guy a platform & all he did was Exalt himself and a totally corrupt individual in this song which leads to number

    2) The singer couldn't have squeezed in a Jesus" at some point….? No, instead he boosts his own EGO by bragging that his song is so good because Obama, the president at the time made it a "law" that this must be played at every family function…,which then again confuses the audience of who this song is supposed to be about!! Guess what!!! This song isn't about family! This song is Supposed to be about Jesus! Which brings me to point number

    3.) The only name mentioned in this song is Obama, very ironic for many reasons…Obama, who is one of thee Most corrupt, anti- Christ, illegitimate presidents we have ever had. In short, he was a C.I.A Muslim plant who's real name is Barry Soetoro; he was born in Kenya, his real assumed father was a pornographer & his mother belonged to an cult with an Asian leader who literally looks Just like Obama. Look up what the name Barrack Obama actually means, biblically…why do you think everyone was calling him the anti- Christ when he first started to become known. Why bc people were racist? No. Use your head. This person is led by a strong anti- Christ spirit who Hates Jesus and Hates Christian's. More Christian's were slaughtered during his presidency than any other president in history. He had the power to stop it, but he funded the Muslim brotherhood and left Christian pastors in Iranian prisons, etc.. It is an Insult to say his name in a supposed Christian song.

    Both Obama's elections were rigged for him under the direction of Bob Kreamer, and the evidence of that can be seen in Project Veritas video's.

    4) God the Father, nor Jesus ever told us that we, his children & servants are the "head,"; this is blasphemy. JESUS CHRIST IS THE HEAD. HE IS THE VINE, & WE ARE THE BRANCHES.

    The lyrics Should have said, "You took me from the bottom, & told me I'm your friend." (John 15:14). It is biblically accurate And it also Rhymes.

    Wake up Lukewarm Christians!!! It is pathetic that I am the only one who brought these issues up!!! Use discernment!