Good Christian Music | – Taylor Armstrong – Tender

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✞ Lyrics:
I am naked but i’m fully clothed
I let You undress my soul
& break down my walls

Defenceless like a child
I am susceptible
To Your touch

Oouu You’re makin’ me so tender

Pull me close
There’s nothing like havin’ You hold me
I don’t feel so lonely
In Your arms

But I trust Your grip
But I give You my heart

You’re makin’ me so tender
Iʼve never felt so safe with any other

The weapons the camouflage
I lay em down, take it off
The masks, the facade
I lay em down, i surrender all

Youʼre making me so tender
I never felt so safe with any other

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Amen Worldwide Amen Worldwide. We've been redefining the scene since 2012, as the original home of good Christian music - showcasing great music of all genres written by followers of Christ. We spend our time working with artists to help them grow in creativity, as well as spending vast amounts of time searching for the very best in Christian music from signed, independent, and completely unheard of musicians. We love to pioneer new, creative artists to help build their fanbase and see their ministry become a career. We do this through close relationships, and more intentionally through our own co-operative record label The Amen Collective through which we empower artists to reach greater audiences whilst maintaining ownership over their work. Through our Sinai Sessions, we create a community between artists and create exciting new live content of your favorite musicians performing original songs and covers.

Comment (34)

  1. Having first debuted the song as a stripped back demo, Taylor Armstrong now releases the official single of 'Tender', an intimate and vulnerable song sung to the Father. Streaming links and lyrics in description, leave some love below!

  2. I'm submerged into seas of peace as I listen to this. I want to experience this intimacy and closeness with God. The very fact that it's possible to be this close with the Creator of all things is unfathomable – yet I want more.

    Estou nu, mas estou completamente vestido
    Eu deixo Você despir minha alma
    E derrubar minhas paredes

    Indefeso como uma criança
    Eu sou suscetível
    Ao Seu toque

    Oouu Você está me deixando tão tranquilo

    Me puxe para perto
    Não há nada como ter Você me abraçando
    Não me sinto tão sozinho
    Nos Seus braços

    Mas eu confio no Seu controle
    Mas eu Te dou meu coração

    Oouu Você está me deixando tão tranquilo
    Oouu, nunca me senti assim tão seguro

    As armas, a camuflagem
    Eu abandono, tiro tudo
    As máscaras, a fachada
    Eu abandono, eu entrego tudo

    Oouu Você está me deixando tão tranquilo
    Oouu, nunca me senti assim tão seguro