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  1. Today, I called a place about an account. When I was finished I told the woman that I really appreciate everything she and her co-workers do and to have a wonderful day.  She said that I made her day and thanked me. She also stated that they rarely hear how much they are appreciated. Just saying something so simple made her day. God is Good! God is Love!~ Yvonna

  2. Dear pastor Greg, thankyou for sharing this message. God has used you in a mighty way. I heard your message this morning and something happened this afternoon where God placed me in a situation where I was able to encourage a stranger. I saw her looking embarrassed that her son who I found out was autistic was having a meltdown and as I walked passed her, I felt sad for her because I imagined how difficult at times it must be for her and her son. There must be so many judgemental looks from others at times too. I nearly drove out of the car park but I turned around and went back inside to tell her that she is doing a fantastic job and not to worry what people think. She burst out crying and hugged me sobbing into my shoulder. My heart broke for her. We exchanged numbers she is originally from Iran and just moved from interstate and has no support at the moment for her or her son . Please pray for pooran and her family.thanks

  3. Another video, another $10 donation to Planned Parenthood. As always, thank you for supporting women's rights with your YouTube platform, Pastor!

    Total 2017 donations on behalf of Pastor Locke's YouTube channel: $60

  4. Greg I went to a gas station to get a apple fritter. I felt the spirit/ JESUS saying give. I said how much? 10.00? no. 20.00 no 50.00 ? I said lord you know I am poor, but you own my money. So as I was cashing out I gave the cashier 50 big bucks. She started crying and hung up the phone she was talking on. She said I have been told I have cancer, with no insurance. Now I know God will take care of me. I never went back to the store, but I am sure she found her right path.

  5. It's stories like this one that caused me to start questioning my faith and eventually leaving the church and giving up on religion all together simply because I find these stories unbelievable! No woman is going to say that money and a don't sorry be happy note made her life change for the better after the lose of a child a baby it didn't happen or that woman has some major issues mainly with money because she said the MONEY and note changed my life now if he would have just used a similar story as the rest of the preachers use on here that the waitress is a single mom with 3 kids working 2 jobs and no man and she just got fired from her other job because her kids sick and now her rents due and the money you left was enough to pay her rent and she had a job interview at a new company were she now only has to work 1 job! You see that is a better story than a woman losing a baby and you giving her a fat tip and the lyrics to the most hated song of the 90s

  6. All I need is one famous pastor or church to believe in what I'm saying about the mountains of the Lord's house, well everyone should believe it's in the Bible but just one will be the start of many coming together as one in Christ just by the name that is written in the Bible the mountains of the Lord's House because it is the true House of God,, if I were up to no good why would I be asking all churches to come together if I were in it for the money wouldn't I asked for money and why would I involve pastors that can see through lies something to think about people