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Pastor Greg Locke Pastor Greg Locke. Greg Locke is the Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN and is a sought after conference speaker. Contact:615-553-4040 Follow

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  1. And it was the Big banks that created the problem the need to take responsibility ass well not just the people we need to break the system first to fix the actual problem because I am adikted to pronogrify I so it as a kid when I watched disney cartoons and it just progressed from there. We need to find its sors fix it for the next generation. Or it will just persist and get worse. ass well as the school system because i was also in sex education which is where it made it so much worse on my addiction than drugs. Pray for me Pater ples thank you.

  2. It's not just about men tho. I know many women that are more addicted and I have seen many women cry because of their addiction to sex me as well. I don't like the race card being played we all should fight eqily against the problem government has burdened us with.

  3. I agree with you pastor about how porn is destroying marriages and families as it did mine, but I believe that there is much more then just having a friend tell you to just stop. From what I have learned it is much deeper then just telling someone you need to stop this now. There are four roots to porn addiction, 1 – Demon possession 2 – Spiritual stronghold 3 – Family and generational curses 4 – Lost of the flesh. The most common of these is Spiritual stronghold. This is a demonic battle for your mind marriage and family. This is what I would like to let you woman know, that this is not really your husband and he alone can not stop even if you and his friend's are telling him you just need to stop. It's not you Ladies, you are beautiful in every way it satan and his demon's that has a stronghold on your husband. Only through God prayer and laying on of hands can remove these demon's, and they will come back as he is trying to get over the addiction part of it. Men if you do find this freedom and I pray that you do, Please do not ever let your guard down not even for a moment because there will be stronger and more demon's the next time you fall, and Ladies please get mad at the one that is really behind all of this and know that it's not about something you have done, satan has been trying from the beginning of time to destroy the first covenant God made with man, THE MARRIAGE. God is Much Bigger then porn and of anything of this world, and We WIN at the end of this story of life…… God bless you all, and my prayers go out to you all….

  4. Pastor Locke you describe me so well! I get convicted feel ashamed all the time but kep going back to it confessing it and meaning it but like a dog I go back to the vomit I am a single man and I want to stop because its offensive to God I have asked Him to remove me from this bondage on many occasion but still cant break free please pray for me I really want to be free be Holy and serve my Lord Jesus Christ!

  5. @Pastor Greg Locke
    ok. I have much to say about this.

    I agree with everything you said, regarding pron being a terrible problem and a need to break free from it in Christ, however I completely disagree with how you said it. Being a sex and porn addict in recovery myself, the way you are expressing your answer and how to handle the issue of porn is not correct. What I believe you do not understand sir, is that trying harder and praying harder doesn't work. If it did, I wouldn't be still struggling with it. It's is important to UNDERSTAND the tactics of the enemy and how he uses porn to break us down.

    Also, I keep hearing this reference to 2nd peter on the pigs and dogs returning to their vomit. It is out of context and I disagree with it being applied to saved, born again Christians. The misuse of this section of scripture, cripples the true believer into thinking
    1. His salvation isn't secure in Christ and…
    2. He is a dog or pig when he really isn't, he is one of God's sheep.

    no where in scripture does it ever say that one of God's children are dogs, or pigs, nor does it ever say one of His sheep turn into pigs or dogs.

    The entire context is about FALSE TEACHERS, not saved born again believers.

    A clarification on 2nd Peter 2 :20 because I see many believers and even Pastors using this out of context. The entire issue in this epistle are false teachers, and are the focus of the issue, because these false teachers are attempting to deceive the true believers in the church. False teachers here in this epistle are described as pigs, sows and dogs who return to their own vomit. However, born again believers are NEVER referred to as such and are named many times as God's sheep. There is no scripture I know that says sheep turn back into sows pigs or dogs. I'll give the scripture and then what I believe is a clear explanation of the text and context here.
    2 Peter 2:20-22New King James Version (NKJV)
    20 For if, after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the beginning. 21 For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them. 22 But it has happened to them according to the true proverb: “A dog returns to his own vomit,”[a] and, “a sow, having washed, to her wallowing in the mire.”
    The THEY here is referring to the false teachers in view.
    For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world – This does not necessarily mean that they had been true Christians, and had fallen from grace. People may outwardly reform, and escape from the open corruptions which prevail around them, or which they had themselves practiced, and still have no true grace at heart.
    Through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesses Christ – Neither does This imply that they were true Christians, or that they had ever had any saving knowledge of the Redeemer. There is a knowledge of the doctrines and duties of religion which may lead sinners to abandon their outward vices, which has no connection with saving grace. They may profess religion, and may Know enough of religion to understand that it requires them to abandon their vicious habits, and still never be true Christians.
    They are again entangled therein and overcome – The word rendered "entangled," (ἐμπλέκω emplekō,) from which is derived our word "implicate," means to braid in, to interweave; then to involve in, to entangle. It means here that they become implicated in those vices like an animal that is entangled in a net.
    The latter end is worse with them than the beginning – This is usually the case. Apostates become worse than they were before their professed conversion. "Reformed" drunkards, if they go back to their "cups" again, become more abandoned than ever. Thus, it is with those who have been addicted to any habits of vice, and who profess to become religious, and then fall away. The "reasons" for this may be:
    (1) that they are willing now to show to others that they are no longer under the restraints by which they had professedly bound themselves;
    (2) that God gives them up to indulgence with fewer restraints than formerly; and,
    (3) their old companions in sin may be at special pains to court their society, and to lead them into temptation, in order to obtain a triumph over virtue and religion.
    You are saved or not. You believe or you don't. Once born again, your His, Jesus Christ's.

    It says they escaped the pollution of the world through KNOWLEDGE, it never says they escaped by being born again, receiving Jesus Christ, believing. In FACT it also says in this epistle that these false teachers knew about Jesus, the word Peter uses as to know in this context referring to the false teachers, is a different know than what Jesus uses regarding a born again believer who intimately has a relationship with the Lord, but is here a type of knowing, regarding mental assent or acceptance, however not a RELATIONAL knowing of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Finally, though i disagree with HOW you expressed your concern with porn in the church, I do agree with you it is THE problem. Statistics show 70% of the church today watches porn on a regular bases. I am in a conquer series group now, and this new DVD series is amazing and has in depth BIBLICAL SOUND scriptural based teaching on how to break free from sex and porn addiction. I encourage you or anyone else to use this tool to understand the monster of porn and sex addiction, and how to fight this battle strategically in Christ.

    Lastly, I would like to thank you for at least addressing this issue, because most pastors are oblivious to it and it's major influence it has on the church today, God bless.

  6. I've watched porn and I hate it. It reminds me of when I was raped. I felt angry 4 days after watching it. I have no desire 4 sex even though I have a boyfriend. I've been used 4 sex in the past and my boyfriend doesn't pressure me and is willing 2 wait til I am ready. He doesn't watch porn either.

  7. Pastors should’ve long ago already have overcame porn, ect… before being ordained… I get that your average joe Christian may struggle with these things but to excel in the Christian faith above the standard brethren, a pastor must be blameless !

  8. Kinda of interesting that the Bible Belt is also considered the Porn Belt. Also, the Abortion Rate is highest in the Bible Belt than in the less religious parts of the country. Just more FACTS for you Christians to ponder.

  9. Hey, some very good distinctions here, kudos for the vid. How about ending this type of addiction TODAY, and start using that amazing flow energy to accomplish anything you put your mind up to? If that's what you want, you might want to read more about how to do it in Zeke Vikalen's website. It takes just a few minutes and you'll be ready to go before you know it.

  10. The problem in the church is monetary greed, not porn. Money is the one sin that these religious pharisees let themselves be a part of and have no shame. Their own Bible tells them that a camel will go through an eye of a needle before a wealthy man gets to Heaven yet they pretend the verse does not exist. The USA is the home of Prosperity Christianity.