Greg Locke | – @Conservative Twins (The HodgeTwins) || OnPoint with Pastor Greg Locke. Ep. 10

@Conservative Twins and Pastor Locke discuss powerful truths. You will not want to miss this episode. The HodgeTwins discuss racism in America, being enslaved to a particular mindset and political party.

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Pastor Greg Locke Pastor Greg Locke. Greg Locke is the Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN and is a sought after conference speaker. Contact:615-553-4040 Follow

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  1. pastor Greg I found you at the Dunkin donuts coffee and I just subscribed to you keep it up do not stand down stand strong do not worry about your tax exempt status and make sure that you stand strong for Christian values and for the people of God

  2. Just heard a term that people have been using for several years and I absolutely hate when it comes to information and what the left does with it after truth has been spoken they call it spinning a narrative and I absolutely hate that because it is straight up lying about about something to change the narrative this word spin needs to be omitted from the lexicon and call it exactly what it is lying

  3. The worlds best comedy comes out of speaking the truth. And those that full understand the truth will laugh their butts off at it cause they know its true, and it is funny. The people that speak the truth have always been looked down upon by the mainstream.

  4. When you shoot a 5 year old child in the head for riding his tricycle on your lane…. MSM, nothing to see here…. Democrat's get away with "anything literally" – Like shooting a five year old child in the head!

  5. Let me make things a little bit more clear when Christ walked the Earth he was God In the flesh correct they rejected him in the holy Temple and got bad because they were buying and selling on the Sabbath the merchants so that was insulting to say the least so if they could not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah why would God go back into the holy Temple that's being built in Israel Jesus said the church is inside of each one of us,, God the father in the Old testament said in the end of days mountains of Lords house shall be established nothing about the holy Temple in Israel because God already knew the future before it happened does this help you any we are too established the mountains of the Lord's House like I've been telling you we are the mountains no more separation by denominational religious beliefs get it yet have I answered any unanswered questions or you more confused now than you ever were because I don't know how else I can explain it any better than I already have the three or four times I've posted about it just now,,, God also said I will send my Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord that means in these end of Days he will restore the father's back to the son's back to the father's basically he's got a correct fix the broken churches that we have today because they're all separated okay John the Baptist yes he had the spirit of Elijah but there is a third Elijah for the end of days wake up hello,, the purpose for the mountains of the Lord's House I shall lift my mountains high above the hills that you guys okay that's the children of God that's us yes he talks about Mount Zion but he also says that all the nations shall flow to it well are you getting there is everyone poor Rich everyone going to take an airplane because this event takes place before Christ returns bet you didn't know that,,, I'm telling you how everyone flows to it,, because it's going to be worldwide and he shall what lift his mountains which is who us the children of God high above the hills,,, I hope this helps answer some questions or at least confuses you so greatly that you actually start to think about things God bless, check your Facebook messages pastor,,, Sha Malachi shammah