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Pastor Greg Locke Pastor Greg Locke. Greg Locke is the Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN and is a sought after conference speaker. Contact:615-553-4040 Follow

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  1. i sure have felt like this. I have gone through a trial that is still bothering me today. Sometime I do feel today that I could use it as a platform to do good for others. It would be like climbing a hill and getting over it for a purpose. I have pushed this down time and time again, as I have pushed my pain away. I am glad that you made this video Pastor, even if it makes me face my pain and get over my past and help me to deal with my day to day life and not struggle with my memories anymore. I do like your video, you are such an inspiration. Please do not stop making your videos,, please keep up your ministry. I like to hear you.

  2. Thank you Pastor Greg Locke for your obedience to our Father in bringing these words of encouragement. Through your obedience He is glorified among his children. May the Lord bless you richly in all you do and say.

  3. Why do ppl mean that anything, anyone, good, they're gonna try their level best to distroy it. This man, this one man, his personal life non of my business, got thru to my daughter. She's said, I'd go to his church. She was so down on organized religion, sad. Raised in a church… But wouldn't go… Yet he has awakened her. His personal life, idc bc he's gotta answer for that, as long as I see others praising our Father. I will not have in my presence anything bad said without a rebuttal. Ppl gospip and yes it's a sin. Meaning not enough going on in your own life

  4. I’ve been very critical of you and your ministry in the past; particularly your overt political and religious conservatism and exclusively toward people that are gay or are not evangelical enough. But I have to say that this has to be the best thing I ever heard you say. Pain and even sin are essential ingredients in our salvation. Bravo pastor and amen.

  5. When one becomes saved as you like to say they don’t stop sinning and falling short. Salvation is a greater fuller understanding the necessity of pain and sin and forgiveness. This understanding is Gods grace and freely given to those who allow it to happen. So pastor I want you to call Ellen Degeneres, or Rosie O’Donnell or some other liberal of your choice and have lunch with them. Share a glass of wine with them. Then give them a hug and tell them with all honesty and sincerity that you love them. And mean it. Then and only then will you have truly begun your spiritual transformation. May God bless.

  6. I asked the same question when my son's mother passed away but it's been 8 years now since she has been gone and i know why he took her is to test my faith in him and i never fell out of faith because of that it actually made me a stronger believer in god to this day.

  7. Bc with secretary, which btw has admitted a good friend of families, wife and lady good friends, but seen with her big deal. I've been seen with my pastor, AT THE BANK! He was there to keep me from choking guy with his tie. They allowed 10k outta my mom's account fordged, I was called in, I listened, looked, read, girl was gone. I had to fix her mess. Bank did nothing. So upset. Mildly putting it. If you think I'd disrespect my church, my pastors wife, daughter, you're crazy. Just bc seen with someone means not a hill of oat meal.. my love, great ful but sad, seen with a lady, his wife, yet ppl ran to her "he was with another lady" 5 different ppl. Planted doubt in her mind, divorced. They're good friends. Why am I great ful, bc at 16 he was my 1st love. Love story lives..

  8. You can not judge by what you've seen. Esp a pastor, they are very caring, very loving, very protective, and try overly cautious. They shouldn't have to be. It's bull. I worked in a book store with them. I've seen women angry, put arms around them. They are the most misunderstood than any other profession. So before you believe your "eyes" ask, is it ANY OF MY D**N BUSINESS. MOST LIKELY NO ITS NOT

  9. Are you going to delet this comment like you did on Facebook? Charlatan-a person who falsely pretends to know or be something in order to deceive people.

    A divorced man is disqualified from being a pastor. He is not just disqualified for being divorced, but because he did not keep his household in order. No matter how hard greg tries to dance around the truth, he can no longer be a pastor. He is deceiving many people.